Consulate / USCIS Member Review #27045

Boston MA Review on September 11, 2019:


Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

Just got AOS interview done today with my wife(my wife: US sponsor me: applicant) and share the expericence. Welcome some ideas or comments to the interview and the next step predict. My wife did the interview first for 15 mints, then she stay in the office and I was asked to came in for interview for 25 mints, but my wife was asked to keep silient for the whole time.

I gave my I-767 to the receptionist and she scanned barcode then asked us to wait for to be called. There are 4 interview sections at 4 corners of the waiting hall. Half hour later, an middle aged male officer called my name. He asked my wife to go with him and hand her cellphone over to me before that. We were a little surprised, as we expected my wife and I would to be interviewed together. My wife went with him and 15 mints later, he came to get me. I followed him to his office-my wife sitting at the right corner, being silent there. The man asked me to stand by the table and lift my right hand, swearing what I said in the interview are true. Then he asked why I got both Canadian and Chinese passport? I explained that I got Canadian citizenship during my waiting time for k1. Then he asked questions set forth below: did you know each other?

2.when and where was the first time you met?

3.where your wife lives? How many bedroom there is? How many windows are there in the bedroom? Is there closet?

4.what kind of bed you have? Which side you sleep? How many pillows you have? What’s the color of you pillow and the cover of the bed? you make the bed after you get up?

6.who cooks? What food do you usually cook? Are you good at cooking, what’s your favorite food?

7.have you even married and have your current wife married before? When did you marry your ex wife? Where is your ex wife?

(the above questions were also asked my wife when she was herself being interviewed by the officer, and it proved our answer are 100% the same) many fiancé you have? (Like joke)

9.what’s your job?

10.Do you have property back in Canada? How many bedroom it has? Why you still keep the house in Canada?

11.Have you ever been declined entering US?

The following questions are just standard Yes or No questions in 1-485.

Then he asked me to leave right and left index finger print. At the very begining, the officer seems serious. But later the atmosphere became relaxed. When he learned I like noodle and pancake, he said his son also like them but he does not know how to cook, he wish he got chance to my home and try some food I cooked.

At last he told me if he need further documents, I will receive a mail later, and if the card approved, I will get it in 1-2 weeks.

The next morning I checked the staus online and it changed to be : "On September 10, 2019, we ordered your new card for Receipt Number MSC, and will mail it to the address you gave us. " So yesterday, the officer approved my case right after the interview!!