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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #26942

South Africa Review on August 25, 2019:


Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

My interview was scheduled for August 15th 2019 at 1pm. We arrived at the US Consulate in Johannesburg at around 12:30. Waiting outside in the line. The security guards asked us if we had mobile devices and laptops in our possession. They had to be turned off. We were let inside at 1pm and had to go through scanning. They checked our things. Then we walked out a door into a courtyard and walked all the way through to another door. We entered into a large area where I had to fill out a small slip with my name and last name and my case number. I was then told to go and sit down in the chairs provided. A lady came and gave us a piece of pink paper with the number '2' written on it. She said they will call me. A while later my number was called and I went to the second cubicle. A South African lade asked for my passport, my birth certificate, my divorce papers and my marriage certificate. She did some stuff on her computer and then asked my to put my fingers onto a green scanner and she did my fingerprints. She then gave me back my papers and told me to and sit down and that someone else will call me. A while later another lady called my number and I went to the 7th cubicle where an american lady asked me for the same paperwork and some more. She asked for our pictures, my sponsor's I864, my joint sponsor's I864 and the household member's I864, all of their financial documents, my children's birth certificates, and then she proceeded to question my husband about his tax returns. Which was odd. She said that even if he was not working that he still had to file a tax return. We know that that is not the case. On the IRS website it states that if you are not working you do not file a tax return. She then smiled and said all is good. She handed me a small white slip of paper that explained how long it took to process the visa and details about the DHL service they use that will return my passport and papers to me. I told her that I had to return to Namibia and she gave my passport back to me and told me to courier it back to them as soon as I am home in Namibia. Then she gave me an A4 pink page. It was a form 221(g).She marked off two sections - Medical Records and my Passport. She said they still need to get my original medical report from the doctor. Once they have that as well as my passport they can issue my visa. She never directly said that my visa was approved so my husband asked her if my visa was approved and she said yes. Just had to hear her say it.

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