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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #26865

Slovakia Review on August 15, 2019:



Review Topic: General Review

The interview process was very straightforward and easy, we were very nervous before the start but the people at the embassy made everything so easy.
The first part we went to a lady who took our fingerprints, embassy fee, put all of our evidence together, she was very friendly and explained everything crystal clearly.
The second part was the actual interview with the CO, we were the only ones at the embassy at the time so it took about 10 minutes for my fiancé and I to be called. (Forgot to mention as the foreign fiancé I was allowed to attend; huge bonus) The CO was like talking to a friend, immediately made us feel comfortable with a really positive attitude, have never spoke to someone so nice at a government office in my life. He proceeded to ask my fiancé very basic questions such as plans about our future, her personal plans, how we met, briefly looked at our I-134, did the whole interview with a smile, and left us with two big smiles with the words your visa has been approved. Wonderful experience honestly, I don’t have a single negative about our experience.

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