Consulate / USCIS Member Review #26860

Dominican Republic Review on August 14, 2019:

Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

Our interview was at 7am. We got there at 625am there was lines for each different visa types. Immigrant visa line wasnt too long. We waited outside for about 20-30 minutes then they allowed everyone to start walking in. We went through metal detectors.. kinda like the airport. Then we had to sit outside in a area with lots of benches, inside the compounds of the embassy. We waited about 30 minutes then they starting letting ppl inside the actual building. You wait in line to go to a window where they get your basic info. Passport and BC is all they ask for when we got to the window, the agent made small talk she was suprise to hear my hubby spoke english because initially she was talking to him in spainsh. When she turn to ask me my name in spanish he told her i dont speak spanish, then she said how yall communicate. He said well i speak english. And she started to speak in english n said ohhh why didnt u tell me. Then she ask us about our trip to cuba and costa rica as she was looking at those stamps in his passport. Then she told us to go have a seat and wait for our number to be called for the interview. We waited about 2 long hrs...we got to the window i spoke english n said hello how are u? And he ask me my name. Then he spoke spainsh to my husband and ask him his name. Then he turn to me and ask (in english) how do i communicate with my husband. I said he speak perfect english as i turn to look at my husband and my hubby yes i speak english. Then he continue to talk to me and he ask me what i do for work, how many times i been married and if we have kids together. Then he turn his attention to my husband and ask him in spanish, if he been to the US before and when was he there last. He ask him about his previous marriage, how many kids he have and where they live. He ask him if he ever had any trouble with crime in the US. He had us raise our right hand and agree that everything we told was true. Then he said your visa is approved.

They did not ask for not even 1 document, not AOS, not Marriage license, not pics nothing. No evidence at all. Only thing they took at the first window was my husband BC and passport.