Consulate / USCIS Member Review #26720

Singapore Review on July 24, 2019:

Review Topic: K1 Visa

On the 24th of July, I was set to have my interview for my K1 Visa at the Singapore Embassy.

My interview was stated to be at 9:30am and I reached the Embassy at around 9:15 - 9:20 am if I am not wrong.

Exited the taxi and was instructed by the security guard to enter a security screening room with the X-ray machine. I had to walk through the scanner and my belongings had to go through the scanner- standard procedure. My smartphone and earpiece had to be held by the staff and I was given a token to collect it later.

Then, I was led to a vertical walkway up to the main entrance of the embassy where I had to go to another similar security checkpoint with the same scanners. The exact same procedure was done, and then onto a bank teller esque room where the interview was to be held. It's a fairly patriotic looking room, the floor is a velvety blue with accents of red furniture to supplement the flag. You will be greeted by a photograph of the President and Vice-President as you enter into, depending on what year and administration the US government is under.

For a K visa, you are not required to join the long slew of otherwise (nonimmigrant?) visa applicants. (To be very honest with you, I am perpetually confused about the classification of a K visa. It is mostly known as nonimmigrant but on the CEAC tracker and in the embassy it is treated as an immigrant visa, possibly because of the AOS). You will then take a seat in the seats available while waiting for your name to be called through the PA system.

It felt like forever honestly. Some claim that there is no means of telling time in that room, but there is a display TV at the centre of the room that has an interface telling the time in SGT with visuals of the US underneath- so that was my main means of telling the time. I would've assumed that my name would be called at 9:30am sharp, but it took 15-20 minutes more for my name to be called to counter 7.

At counter 7 I encountered a polite and efficient Asian man who asked for my passport and relevant documentation. I submitted my birth extract, my police certificate, Form I-134, my fiance's form 1040 (2018) and w2 (2018) [Also I added my fiance's 2017 W2 into the mix but he returned it back to me. I don't think it is needed if you have ample evidence of support], letter of employment verification, and letter of bank account verification. I also submitted my deed poll and written undertaking because my name was changed as a child and hence, different from my birth name on my birth certificate.

Surprisingly they did not need any photocopy of anything. Which is quite misleading because on various re-iterations of the interview notice they request for photocopies of originals. So do take note of that.

He then asked
1. Are you single?
2. Do you have any children?
3. Is your fiance single?
2. Does your fiance have any children?

We don't have any children and are both legally single, so he just passed me the IMBRA pamphlet and missing documentation form and told me to wait for my name to be called again.

Also there was a yelling toddler in the midst of all of this and the other visa applicant's counter was very noisy. I couldn't really hear what he was saying sometimes.

I then waited about 25 minutes where my full name was called out to Counter 8 for the final interview. A stern yet firm European American man was behind the counter. It went as such-

1. Raising my right hand for the oath to swear that I am telling the truth
2. Scanning my fingerprints on all fingers (I expected the machine to not be able to read my dry fingers like the CoC biometrics scanner, but this machine scanned it perfectly. I put a bit of lotion on my palms that morning too so if you have dry fingers and usually have issues with biometrics, don't worry too much)

Question time!

1. What is your fiance's full name?
2. How did you guys meet and when? (I specified the exact date)
3. When did you guys first meet in real life?
4. Where was it?
5. When did you guys meet the second time?
6. Where was that?

Then a long time as he kept staring into his computer....

7. What does your fiance work as?
8. So your fiance is sponsoring you, yes?
9. What are your wedding plans?

And depending on your case, expect some personal questions as well. If you're truthful and telling the truth it will go well.

Also you have to paraphrase the IMBRA pamphlet given to you and explain it. Don't make the same mistake I did and overthink, as the CO asked 'If you are abused, what number should you call?' And my mind immediately drifted to try to recall all of the abuse hotlines in the pamphlet lmao. He then clarified that he meant the police number (911).

Finally... he told me I was approved! No issues with the affidavit of support or the medical, If you are a Singaporean applicant please switch over to Pivot Medical instead of Drs Horne and Chin as they will send your medical on time and circumvent any delays.

I was also told that it will be fully approved later this week, and I assume my passport would be ready next week or the week after. I've chosen Aramex pick-up at People's Park Center- so I will provide a small review of that when the time comes.

The reason why I am giving this embassy 3 stars is honestly because I feel like the layout is inconvenient when you can hear other people's answers to their own visa (which can be a concern for privacy) and the sound levels are hard to regulate with the amount of people which can affect how smooth your interview goes (especially if you can't hear your CO.) I hope something gets done about that. Otherwise, the staff are very professional and curt.

(updated on July 24, 2019)