Consulate / USCIS Member Review #26640

Ankara, Turkey Review on July 12, 2019:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

My fiance had to wait 2-3 hours total. Overall process was very easy and smooth for her. They called her up to first window to collect police certificate, birth certificate, medical, I-134 and only asked for 2018 IRS Transcript as a supporting document. Although we had a letter from my employer and letter from my bank they didn't ask for all those. They didn't ask for any additional proof of relationship nor photos. They told her to keep all other documents in case you will need those in the future. They didn't ask her for interview language. Couple of minutes later she asked them about it and they told her "All immigrant visa interviews conducts in Turkish"

Hours of wait, she called up to another window and a nice American men asked her how she is doing in Turkish. After that, asked her "Do you speak English", she answered "a little bit". He told her to raise her hand and swear to tell the truth. And asked her "Are you married", she answered "No." . He started doing some typing in computer and said "Your visa approved" in Turkish. This process took only a minute or 2! No other questions asked. She was really surprised and was expecting an interview in private room or something as mentioned by other people here. I guess we were over prepared