Consulate / USCIS Member Review #26638

Chicago IL Review on July 11, 2019:

Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

We finally had our interview yesterday in the Chicago Field office. per usual, you go through security similar to the airport, get ready to take off your shoes. we go upstairs 2nd floor to check in, the receptionist and guard were very friendly and joked with us when i didn't say good morning, trying to keep us relaxed a bit.

Our appointment was at 11:45, we arrive 11:30 and waiting until 12:30 to go in. so prepare to wait at least an hour, we weren't sure if their lunch break was the reason of delay. there were multiple officers taking people in, i think i counted 5 or 6. ours was a young female, she was nice but still a bit stand-offish. We took our Oath, she took my hubby's fingerprints and both our IDs, his passport. first thing she asked about was his medical because it wasn't in the packet which i did submit. whatever i made her a copy of our original ones, she asked for the original, there goes that!! now I'm stuck with a copy which I hope it's not needed anymore. She asked him to confirm his identity, Name, DOB, address, etc. then she asked both of us how we met and when we got married. when we moved in together, where we both work and what we do.

She then went through the yes/no questions, she randomly picked to ask him, like has he even been denied entry to US, ever been arrested, prostitution,etc...she asked if he ever been pulled over by police or got a ticket. at the time of filing we said no, but he got a speeding ticket in May and we paid it in June, she asked where he got pulled over and who pulled him over, my husband didn't know the exact details, he just said near our home, then she asked if we paid it, he told her yes, she said that's all they care about. MAKE SURE YOU PAY your unpaid tickets before your interviews, if you have one.

At the end she said that was easy enough, right? we're like yes, all she said was give me all your proof of relationship, gave her utilities bills, bank joint account, joint tax returns, etc, and our wedding bill lol, also like 15 pics. she says she will review and we should hear something within 2 weeks(hopefully)

15 minutes and we were out the door. it wasn't grilling whatsoever, but I'm curious why some say they get approved on the spot while some have to wait.