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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #26109

Bogota, Colombia Review on May 6, 2019:

Bob & Karla

Review Topic: K1 Visa

I'm Venezuelan but all the cases from Venezuela were transferred to the Embassy in Bogota, Colombia. My interview it was schedule initially for April, 30 2019 but I left Venezuela as soon as I could because the situation and when I got to Bogota I asked for emergency appointment and I was approved right away so they gave the new day I asked. I had my interview on April, 05 2019. I got very early to the embassy around 6:40 am and I could go in that early. It was very nice inside. You can go earlier than the time you have your interview so you can come in because is K1 visa. We don't need wait like the others for tourism visa. The first control it was with a Colombian girl who asked me for all the papers listed in the Packet 3/4 ( birth certificate, divorce, criminal records, photos with full name behind, affidavit etc,etc) she put that all together inside my passport and my boys's passport too. Then we went through the security control. You must take off your jacket, leave your folders, bag etc in the Xray machine and later you take back your things. The second control is with Colombian girl also so she checks everything is ok and open your medical exams, check again all the papers. I was really concerned about my originals papers because in Venezuela doesn't exist Notarized Copy only copies or originals and very hard to get again originals papers so I asked her what is the possibility they gave me back my originals and I give to the consul only a copy and she said that is possible so she put together originals and copies and she told me ask the consul for give you back your originals so that was a relief for me hehehe. Finally she gave me a number and we must take sit and wait to be called for the number she gave me. Immigrant section always for K1 visa ( it is the green section). It was around 7:40 am and I was already waiting they open the windows ( they open at 8:00 am) . I was called around 8:30 am . The consul it was very very nice with me, a young guy. He made me many question but the interview looked like a conversation instead. He asked me how we met, when we met, how many times and dates, he asked me for the tourism visa I applied 2 years ago, more proofs our relationship so I gave him a big folder a have with pictures, tickets and everything but he only saw for 10 seconds and gave me back, I asked him for my originals papers and he didn't has any problem in gave me all my originals back even divorce decree my fiance so it was more nice my interview than I was waiting for hehe. I felt very comfortable with him. He laughed, I laughed so I felt great. No nervous, no pressures. He even told me my kids can go and take sit. He made me swear I would get married within 90 days since my arrival to USA and he told me Your visas have been approved. So he gave a red ticket for pick up our passports faster in ASC when they were ready. My interview it was on Friday and our passports were ready on Tuesday but the visa one my boys had a mistake so I had to go back next day to the embassy and on Thursday the issued it was solved. My experience in the Embassy in Bogota, Colombia it was pretty satisfying.

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