Consulate / USCIS Member Review #25997

Ukraine Review on April 16, 2019:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

So my fiancé had her K1 interview in Kiev. She said that her interview lasted
About 7 minutes. The interviewer (a male) asked: how did we meet, how did i propose, asked about my fiancé’s ring, asked when I (petitioner) came to US.
I am also Originally from Ukraine. Asked about my criminal history. (Petitioners).
He went through all of our photos. We provided about 20-25. Some from my first trip to Kiev. Some from my second trip. Bunch from our recent Portugal vacation. And some screen shots of conversations on Instagram or Viber. I hand Wrote on each photo a short message about what the photo depicts. Overall the interview went well. Interviewer was asking basic questions and in a non interrogation tone. I had My fiancé pack my financial packet into a transparent folder. I make Above the necessary amount so i did Not include any bank statement or any kind of proof of asset documentation. I provided my recent W2. My last 14 bi weekly pay stubs (an overkill bit i had Them laying around so why not) my two recent tax returns. And an email from my boss confirming my salary. I also included a cover letter that explained my whole financial packet. And obviously the i134 form. My fiancé says that the interviewer read the cover letter. And glanced at the packet without going through it. I believe that we got slightly more questions asked then others who’s reviews I’ve read because we only knew each other for 5 months before i filed The i129f. But overall the Kiev K1 interview process went very well and my fiancé got approved.