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  1. Congrats. Are NOA2 dates are very close and Both cases going to Kiev. Best of luck. Please share any secrets you find out about the Ukrainian K1 process 👍🏻👍🏻
  2. Just so happy. Hope everyone on here feels this way soon. Just another thing. If anyone is perticularly worried about the criminal record of petitioner. I disclosed 3 arrests. Which is why I’m surprised my petition got approved so fast. But to anyone who is waiting for the approval but is worried about petitioner criminal history issues. Let me know maybe i can Put your mind at ease. Everyone who didn’t get their approval. Best of luck. Sometimes it surprises you. Still pending on all of the websites but got the letter today. Best of luck
  3. Yes saw it. Thanks a bunch! Will fill in my timeline
  4. Hello everybody. To those that got their approvals congradulations. I have a question. I just opened my approval notice. I noticed that there’s nothing under “notice type and validity dates”. Yet I’ve seen other approval letters that say “consulate: __________” Seems not odd. Beneficiary is in Ukraine.
  5. update. Called USCIS and the nice lady I reached said that the Notice I was sent is the approval notice. Great success.
  6. Thank you. Did not expect to get it today. Glad i got Informed delivery 👍🏻
  7. By the way. Status has not changed on any of the sites or the app.
  8. Thanks. Hope so too. Now have to work all day while thinking about that letter. Haha
  9. Hello everyone. Ive been following but haven't commented before. Today i received informed mail email and saw that we are getting an envelope. Excited and worried in case its not positive. Our NOA1 date is Sep 21, 2018. Im from New York and shes in Ukraine. From what I can see the date on the letter is Feb 6, 2019 and its 1 page out of 1. Will update when I check.