Consulate / USCIS Member Review #25995

London, United Kingdom Review on April 15, 2019:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

Have been nervous all week, gosh it goes so quickly for such a massive moment!

We walked up to the embassy, a lot of the local area is under works at the moment but the walkways are at least open. I walked down Nine Elms with my mother who had come along to help me keep things together.

All staff were nice and incredibly polite. I asked a guy monitoring the entry for the embassy where to go and he let me know I was in the right place. Police gave tips on where my mother can go to wait while interview was ongoing. She was allowed to come with me up to the Visa Interview entry building. I didn't know she could come along if she had ID, but sadly she didn't bring any - so on the officer's advice she went to the Waitrose.

You go through security check like at an airport, and then take a short outside walk to the main embassy building (it kind of looks like a massive square made up of stars)

Small note which might be of use to someone else. There are *two* lines when entering the embassy for registering for your Visa interview. People seem to tend towards the right side, go left! They take one from each line and left moved quicker - everyone else just moved to the right side.

After that you get told where to go for your interview. Thankfully you only have a small area of cubicles to keep an eye on - I don't know what its like for everyone else. Immigration area seemed smaller with a lot less application numbers than the other applications on the big flatscreens dotted around.

The process went in two meetings for me, first cubicle call was for my docs and to take my biometrics. Had a small panic as the guy asked for my Affidavit of Support. It didn't come with the copy of my fiance's petition docs or anything, the guy suggested I might be asked about that in the actual interview and might need to get partner to email proof. Yikes.

Thankfully Jim was up and while waiting for the next part, was able to get a payslip via email. Only for it to not be needed anyway. After quiet worry while waiting for my next part. Was eventually called up, took the oath, and was asked how we met, why we had taken 12 years, what Jim's full name is and where he lives, and my plans for work in the US.

"That's it you're done, congratulations!"
"We're done?"
"But I thought you needed details for the Affidavit..."
"Nah, you don't need to worry about that"
"t-thank you!"

Oh thank heavens to betsy! No delay, I have approval!

To be fair to all staff, they were very nice, just agh that last bit of stress! The guy managing my docs I'm sure meant well, he was lovely, just that one moment of "did I miss something" was intense. But we've got the visa into processing, it doesn't quite feel real yet.