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  1. Had AOS interview set for April 21st but was cancelled today : ( so I guess that means any April interviews are out of luck
  2. I do volunteer for the local city Botanical Gardens which does give me access to the local county stuff a bit tho isn't as close to the city civic stuff. I figured at least that showed I had done something while I've been here + got me a little more into the social network around here. I do have qualifications in teaching but I know Florida wants proper credentials for that before I can really apply as I only have 2 years volunteer teaching and substitute teaching under my belt.
  3. Hi all. Just got EAD notice today and just working out best foot forward at this point. I know I need to wait for card, just working out next steps. I'm accepting for now that I will be starting from scratch to a degree. I have 2 degrees but affording credential evaluation might have to wait till husband gets his tax return. Can I apply for entry level work without having that eval done? Or will it really be pointless till the time I can get my credentials translated into US terms?
  4. Okay so husband says he posted his taxes for last year and one pay stub of sorts, but it's gotta be 6 months worth right? The travel state gov website seems to suggest 3 months rather than 6 here He's concerned because he doesn't get it physically, it's all digitally done. But I assume his digital pay stubs would still count? Gonna try and see if he can get an official letter to confirm his employment too.
  5. I think he submitted pay stubs as evidence but I'm waiting for him to come home to discuss with him as I don't have copies of the documents submitted - I think he may have provided only one month of pay stubs and no tax return. He's def over by a few thousand before bonuses which he often gets as well.
  6. Hi all Just got letter update on my AOS application claiming income for sponsor doesn't meet the 125 percent. I've crunched the numbers and I am sure my husband earns over the 125% for a 2 person household according to current poverty guidelines. Is it normal to sometimes get this letter? does it mean they need more evidence of his income? Or are we in a situation where we need to look for a co-sponsor?
  7. So we resent our application off on the 7th, but today got just USPS tracking card back in the mail. This didn't happen last time, they just sent our whole package back. The card has a stamp indicating it went to the Chicago lockbox. Does that mean they accepted the package?
  8. Blaaarg - somehow despite the double-checking I thought we did, we got the filing fee a bit off and they sent it back. I've re-done form and triple checked cost this time, we should be fine long as we post it again asap before Oct 15th right?
  9. Sent off our AOS application 2 weeks ago, my parents are coming over from the UK tomorrow for a visit. I was just wondering, will they have any issue with border control seeing as USCIS hasn't given us notification that they have my AOS yet? We sent it a week before my K1 expires and had been hoping at least we would know the AOS was received by time of their visit but nothing yet.
  10. We mailed just 2 weeks ago and still not had any notification (we did put the form in there requesting for notifications) I know I heard October is very busy for USCIS but is there anything we can do to check or just play waiting game?
  11. The Vaccination record and medical summary do not need to be signed. I just requested them from my Surgery and they printed it out - some may give you an online login where you can access your general medical records to print out as well. Make sure you stress the need to get your signed letter regarding mental health issues, my surgery dragged a bit on this one.
  12. I got confused on that part and should of double checked here. But I thought even with the medical we still had to see a civil surgeon once here to get signed off properly (or at least got that impression from the K1 AOS guide here). I did say I had already done my medical in the UK too and gave them the immunization record from it to boot (got it back of course). It was ticked as completed with all requirements too.
  13. Aw man - we got snookered huh? I just wanted to make sure the doc signed on the line and he was on the recommended UCIS list for our area + they had a new patient fee that made it hard for us to really say no and risk paying a lot to see another doc once they dropped their terms for signing on my medical.
  14. Hi just wondering if anyone else had a similar situation to me Gotten AOS finally filed, but getting the medical signed off was...fun. I did have a TB and MMR jab (my second as an adult) at Kensington during my medical, but had all the blood tests and everything else. Figured the medical poking was all done. Get to doctors here in Florida and they tell me I needed a *third* MMR, TB Gold and tests for Syphilis and Gonorrhea. They also now suggested I should have Hep B jab even though it wasn't needed in my age bracket for vaccines. My copy of the medical shows I got a waver due to insufficient time on the Hep B jab - I guess I will still need to get it eventually right? Happy that we've got the AOS posted off, just the extra cost and needle poking was less fun ha
  15. Just posted our AOS today - does this count as filing or do I have to wait till UCIS tells us they got our package?
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