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  1. ChibiBeckyG

    Travelodge Vauxhall Review

    Thought this might be useful for some people who are prepping for their interviews. I decided to stay overnight so there was as little stress as possible for getting to embassy. Travelodge is about 15 mins away from the Embassy - most of the time due to busy London roads more than walking. It has a decently stocked mini Waitrose next door I decided to book a superroom so I had the most comfort possible, you get a coffee pod machine in addition to a kettle, a shower with 3 jet switch, better pillows and bigger desk and more USB ports and plugs. NOTE: The wifi was not working properly when I visited, don't book their wifi in advance as currently (according to provider at Virgin) - their routers are in the middle of an upgrade. Apparently Android devices might play nice with it, but my iPad couldn't latch to the network at all. They cannot refund the wifi voucher so buyer beware. Staff were very nice, the room was good, the jet shower very nice for back muscles. It is low thrills so not the best stay away ever, but it did the job. The Waitrose next door is always open till near-midnight and sells sandwiches, salads and has an in-house bakery. We went about 7pm yesterday and a lot of the bakery items were on offer as were the lunch goods. I found the superroom pillows awful personally, but I'm unsure if the aches I had were stress related or due to the pillows. the hallways were also kind of busy at night too, but generally can be covered with a white noise app or by having the TV on low volume. Hope that helps some people!
  2. ChibiBeckyG

    Knightsbridge Medical experience

    Fair points. I meant more that it was a bit odd that I was short a vaccination update but GP had never said to me "hey you need to get this done to continue being immunised". Otherwise would of had them done ages ago. Just I thought my record had the full course on there but eh, what's done is done now! Also yes - for what it's worth I was happy to have it done with Knightsbridge. On one hand they are very efficient - my local surgery might of been a bit more chatty and taken time. But the nurse basically administered them in very speedy fashion and did set it up so I could lay on the examination bed in the docs room in case I felt faint. Fast but I feel like I was still well looked after regardless.
  3. To clarify, I don't wish to cause upset because I can understand the temptation to rush into a relationship and have experienced what it's like to be in a bad one. But at the same time I do not want to downplay your situation. I knew my partner online before we met, I will say that online is very different to real life. But I had already experienced that lesson prior and took time with it. Online is a good start, but not really a proper substitute for getting to know each other. Too much can be easily hidden and more negative quirks less apparent + online rarely a situation where you have to learn to deal with each others less attractive qualities (or qualities that clash rather than harmonize) We took a lot of time and did a lot of visits to ensure we got past the "honeymoon" phase of dating and also had time to let the excitement of being somewhere new wear off a bit. It was love at first sight for us, but I don't regret taking the time because we both had things to work on. We had immigration attorney suggest it too when we enquired years back, and it was a bit tempting, but yes - doing it that way means there's 0 fallback for you if it goes wrong. At end of the day it's skipping the system, works fine if AOS goes thru and the marriage is fine. But means the US govt isn't obligated to give you slack when it goes wrong, because far as they are concerned, you were only visiting and broke the rules. But as I said at the end of the previous post, please give yourself time to process things. Get home and talk with family and spend time with people you care about. There's a remote off chance this thing will work, but do not fool yourself into thinking this guy will ever be the guy you thought he was when the relationship was online or that he magically will become so with time apart. The reality is likely what your seeing now - is what your getting for the long term, and I'm gonna say it doesn't really sound like he's worth the trouble in the long run.
  4. Your marriage isn't so much the issue as is the fact you came into the US on a 90 day Visitors Visa and overstayed it. It might not be so much an issue if you had legally gotten a fiance visa. But the ESTA isn't going to take into consideration your failed marriage, because you were not supposed to use the ESTA that way in the first place. People will be less sympathetic here, because you effectively skipped the queue - you said your husband is 3 years away from retirement, so you were both old enough to have some idea that immigration isn't just a case of "oh I'll just stay here and get married" I was 19-20 when I first looked into what I would need to do to marry my partner 10 years ago. Really no excuse for using the visitor visa for getting married and then going "lol made a mistake!" and your husband really should of cared more about your legal status, rather than rushing things in such a careless and selfish fashion. If you leave within 180 days of your overstay then you could avoid a ban, but you will always have issues applying for the ESTA in future and probably will have longer waits in passport control as I imagine they will be less keen to pass you though without question. When you entered the US you made a promise to stay only 90 days, you broke that trust and it will always be on your record. I've had to do an interview once when I accidentally gave off the idea I might stay beyond the ESTA by calling my partner my fiance on entry. US Passport Officials will keep you long as they want till they are satisfied you are not overstaying and are not obligated to be nice about it. Leave after 180 and you are absolutely getting a ban for at least 3 years. So personally I would make sure you leave before then if you are really that unhappy. If things are so bad that you had to go into counselling this quick, then he's absolutely not worth chancing a 3 to 10 year ban from travelling to the US and any future issues that would result from that. Also please, please if you leave to go back home, review this relationship and take time for yourself. This does not sound like a good relationship, and yet you are giving this person chances when he's already saddled you with a host of issues that will always be on your record. Be with family, and if the topic of doing CR1 does come up then don't feel like you have to do it because you are married. If your already in counselling within this short of time, it's really not worth it. Go home, detangle yourself and in future don't marry guys who propose on the first meeting.
  5. ChibiBeckyG

    Knightsbridge Medical experience

    This wasn't the case for me - though the Nurse didn't mention the potential complications you mentioned. I'm glad I paid the extra to do it now! I went to the medical thinking I had everything, Knightsbridge informed me I had skipped my 10 year top-up on my MMR and Tdap (my GP had never said "hey you need new jabs" despite them knowing I was getting these records for a move to US) and I had a choice of having them then and there or that I could wait because it wasn't really required until AOS. I think she did mention that it really is better to get it done in the UK at least, but I figured that would be the case. I assume they push for you to do it away from the surgery because the NHS would do some of these for free or much cheaper at the very least. I can kind of understand that & I did consider it. But I've already paid so much for the medical and to have it incomplete would of been such a bummer. I don't like being shoved full of needles, but also figured I was already having one Blood Test anyway and if I'm already having one needle in - then I may as well take 3 so I wasn't spending the coming weeks constantly stressed about the next vaccination.
  6. Got about 6 days left now until the interview, I've booked a hotel near the London embassy for the night before. I have all my documentation together - my interview is outside of out petition period so I have a letter from my partner saying we're both available. I've double checked the US Embassy website for anything we might need. Is there any tips people can give me? Or is it just a case of rolling with it at this point? I'm a little nervous but excited at the same time. Sorry if I posted in the wrong spot. wasn't sure if this should go here or procedures.
  7. Was the same position as you at first, though it wasn't that GP didn't want to do it so much as I think it was tricky making them understand that the patient records and such lacked statements vouching for my general well-being. Not sure if it's standard NHS costing or something that differs surgery to surgery - but I had to pay £25 and write a quick letter to my GP explaining why I needed the letter and what it needed to say. (In my case, that I was on medication and that I've never given my GP cause to worry that I may cause harm to myself or others) - to his credit he called back a day later and made sure that letter was available to me same day. Write a letter and say in it that you are more than happy to pay the fee if required - otherwise they will try to direct you to free access records, which is nice, but not what you need! For reference I had my appointment on the Friday - and got my letter from the GP Thursday. So you should still have time to get something, depends how busy the surgery is. For what it's worth the Knightsbridge team asked questions about my depression anyway and did fairly quick assessments on the spot. I'm unsure how much the letter helped - but it was taken in as part of my evidence. The doctors and nurses are super efficient but also very nice, I'd been anxious about the blood test all week but the doctor was very understanding and engaged in idle chitchat while trying to find a vein to tap into (5 attempts aaaa).
  8. Which part of the process are you at - just sending off the application package? The biggest issue with that phase is that while it takes absolute months - about 8 months for us I think from applying to finally hitting the next stage. The US Service center is also assuming the person who filed will be at their US address - so if you are in the Ukraine and your Service Center requests any further evidence, then you might miss that and then the application expires. After that everything moves a lot quicker, from the point of my partner getting an approved note. I got letters a few weeks later - we managed to stall out about a month so I could make a bit more money. But I applied for interview and medical pretty much just after the expiration date of the original petition - but the Embassy did send a letter as well requesting I make it known that I'm still interested in going forward. I could be wrong, but I gathered the medical also has a 6 month limit, and you would have to pay for another one for adjustment of status if you ran the whole 6 months out?
  9. Thanks everyone - managed to convince GP to write a letter and this seemed to do the job. Visa Medical done today! So Now just got my Interview in about 2-3 weeks time (April 15th!)
  10. Oh I understand that - I do have an older letter that has basically what I need from my previous GP. Going to print that out and go back to the surgery with it just to show all I'm looking for is a fairly short letter I think. Worst comes to worst I'll take it along as proof it was diagnosed as mild depression as it at least says that much and that I was put on medication (it's the same medication then as it is now)
  11. Yes I have one but it's a bit old, getting a new one is a bit awkward as Dyspraxia generally isn't assessed in adults. That is the one thing bugging me, I do have my patient history (as apparently this is a new requirement and had no problem getting this -it's very detailed!) so my diagnosis and medication are listed in that history , just not the part saying "this person is okay and isn't going to do a bad thing because they are sad sometimes"
  12. I've sent them an email and just waiting to hear back. I think my GP is just keen to not have the extra work (which I totally understand) - but appointment is this Friday. I did stress to staff today that what I needed was important but doc seems to feel whatever's on my online surgery records will suffice. To be fair they were very prompt with all the other details I needed, it's just this one last thing ha. I do know I have another chance Wednesday, but might give Knightsbridge a call later in the afternoon tomorrow if I don't get an email response beforehand.
  13. Hi again all We're edging our way there! Got Medical soon and my Interview in April. My main issue is ongoing medical issue reports. I have depression and dyspraxia but I only really have an in depth report for one of them (and it's a bit old but indepth if they need it...) . My depression is fairly mild and medication generally keeps it in check. Dyspraxia is harder to get a more recent report for as generally they don't diagnose for it after a certain age in the UK. Will this be an issue? I have the vaccination and my general patient history - GP is a bit resistant to do a report and has instead directed me to their online service (which I have to wait a few days to go live before I can see if it's any good) Anyone have any experience with this? I have all other evidence requested for the appointment and have emailed to offer them my Dyspraxia report. But I have nothing for the depression in terms of past reports (not even with the same GP that mostly handled it)
  14. I hope nobody minds me bumping this just to update. I messaged the London Embassy and they generally said I just needed a signed letter from my US-Citizen Partner formally confirming after the expiration date. But they did also send a letter despite filling in DS-160 to ask for me to respond if I was still interested (I had booked my interview a day later to when the letter was date-marked so I assume might be overlap) In the end I found it easier to book my appointment and then the medical because yeah - they said the results are only valid for a short time when I did initially try to book. They implied a slightly shorter window than 6 months however.
  15. Done and done. Hope they'll be understanding.