Consulate / USCIS Member Review #25933

Review on April 5, 2019:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

My fiance arrived about half an hour before his interview. He went through the first security checkpoint where they check you to make sure you're not bring anything in, then secondary security where they ask to see your passport and appointment letter. Then security sent him to the counter where he was asked basic questions like

What's your email address and phone number
Have you ever been married
Has she ever been married
What's her job

Then they gave him a slip with all the required documents to be put in a certain order and was told to go to take a seat to wait for the interview. He waited there about 1.5-2 hours when he was called up to meet with the officer.

He was asked just a few questions:

How did you meet?
Have either of you been married before?
What are the dates for her first and second trip?
What's her job?

He looked only at our pictures and said Welcome to America. You're apprVisa. We will keep your passport to put your Visa in it. Please walk over to the counter so you can register to pick it up when its ready.

And that's it! The officer who interviewed him was the same one that interviewed him the last time for his tourist Visa (that was denied) and both times he was pleasant and super nice with a friendly demeanor. The only bad thing was that they had rescheduled his appointment but as long as we are approved it doesnt even matter anymore