Consulate / USCIS Member Review #25781

Mumbai, India Review on March 14, 2019:


Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

I had my visa interview on 7th Mar 2019. I was given 7:15 AM slot. I reached there one hour before, put my phone, jacket and extra stuff in my office situated nearby consulate.
There was a huge crowd (around 100 people) outside the consulate. Guards called for immigration visa applicants only. To my surprise, there were atleast 40-50 people for Immigrant Visa category as well. I was asked to show the NVC Interview email and passport outside, then the security checks.
Inside consulate, the support staff asked to me to take out originals and copies of Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, PCC and sealed Medical Report and then I waited in the queue (there were multiple queues on the language of interview bases).
After some 5 minutes of wait, I was sent to one of the counters where an Indian guy took the same sorted documents from me, gave me a token number and asked me to wait for the interview.

After another wait of half an hour, my token number surfaced on the screen. I went to the mentioned counter where a Caucasian male interviewed me.

I was asked the following questions:
Who is calling you?
Where does she live?
How did she go to the USA?
What does she do?
When did you two meet?
When was the court marriage?
Do you have any pictures from that function?
When was the traditional wedding?
Can I see pictures of that?
How many people attended the wedding?
Where did you go for honeymoon?
Can I see some pictures of that?
What does your wife like to do in her free time?
Simultaneously he kept typing as well. He asked me to wait for 5 minutes and took my marriage certificate inside somewhere.

After 5 minutes, I was called again and the officer told me that my visa was approved and returned all original documents except my passport and medical report.