Consulate / USCIS Member Review #25757

Orlando FL Review on March 12, 2019:


Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

We arrived an hour and a half early and decided to head down to a Walgreen nearby to get more photos as evidence (because why not?). When we got back, we will had over hour before we could check in so we sat in my car for a bit. 35 minutes until the interview, we finally went in.

It was a very quiet building with barely anyone around. Check in was easy. Please remember to bring your passport and ID. I can't stress that enough!

Even though our interview was at 9:40AM, we didn't get seen till almost 10:15AM! Our interviewer kept poking fun at me for being so nervous!

He didn't even look at any of the evidence we brought in. He just asked my husband his parents' name and date of birth and questions from the adjustment of status packet. Then they had a conversation about tea vs coffee. And that was it! We had a stack of evidence and we were told to put it away!

Overall, it was a very short and breezy "interview."