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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #25419

Slovakia Review on January 22, 2019:



Review Topic: K1 Visa

Embassy didn't contact me on their own. After I found online that status of my visa is ready to be processed at the embassy I messaged them and scheduled the interview. Email communication was efficient. I asked about available date for next week (17-21 December) and got first available one - 15th of January.

The interview itself was pretty easygoing. Security checks before entering embassy (similar to airport TSA style). Waiting for 30mins, talking to a nice lady, handing her documentation, getting my fingerprints scanned and paying for DS-160 - this all took less than 7mins. They didn't require any special documentation, returned most of the additional stuff I brought and also returned the pictures from original package - nice! Waiting for 2-3 hours after that and then being called to another window for the interview itself with the embassy consul. Super nice guy, it felt like talking with a friend and just updating him about our relationship. He asked maybe 3-4 extremely basic questions ( fiancee's full name, how did we meet, where do we plan to live etc.), mostly just for checking if it's correct in the forms. Wished me a happy new life and that was it. Received the visa in 2 days.

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