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  1. Update to my case: Went for the interview yesterday (August 5th), came an hour earlier, was let in 30mins earlier. The officer was super nice and on top of our case - read through all the affidavits, knew the pictures we submitted etc. We just went through the form questions so he could confirm what's there and updated some of the stuff like address we moved to, etc. Then he asked if there are any proofs we'd like to submit. I bombarded him with pictures, updated affidavits, apartment lease, utility bills in my wife's name (I don't even have SSN), some amazon orders with my name and new address, flights and hotel bookings together. He said that it's a lot and was extremely understanding about no documents with both our names - he said it's impossible to do anything without SSN. Told us we're really approvable, explained next steps (removing conditions and naturalization) and left space for our questions. Shook our hands, congratulated us and told us to expect the card in less than 30 days. All in all under 30 mins, no marriage certificate needed (sent with AOS package), no copies of NOAs, I94, birth certificates or employer letters / paystubs (wife changed jobs). I asked the officer at the interview specifically about the processing times. We sent AOS in Feb, tried to expedite EAD in early May and contacted congressman. The officer at the interview said there's such a huge influx of EADs and Expedites that they can't really prioritize who really needs it and who doesn't and basically just gave up in some cases. Plus they started processing GCs a lot faster so in the most cases EAD/AP requests from AOS people will just get ignored and later declined after approving the AOS. YMMV.
  2. I'd say it's pretty much coincidence. There's no way they would process it that fast + they are different forms for EAD / AOS. There were some news lately that USCIS started processing AOS faster / using non-local offices + they want to take off weight from EAD process, since a lot of EADs now are from AOS process. EAD processing times went from 3 months to 6+ sometimes even longer than AOS, so I guess this is a move to consolidate it.
  3. Interview scheduled for August 5th! Wohoo Little fail happened, USCIS ignored my address change (confirmed by them) and sent the invitation to my old address and scheduled interview on the other coast. Detailed post about it here
  4. Hi, 1. Yes, I have the interview in Buffalo, NY. The reason is because it was the closest USCIS office to me and I also had biometrics there. I am (was) located 2 hours north of Pittsburgh. 2. Check my timeline, I filed in Feb and had biometrics in March and it changed to interview scheduled only at the end of June. Good luck
  5. I got into a funny situation. Got to the US with K1, applied for AOS in Pennsylvania, went to biometrics there and moved to Washington . Changed my address with USCIS and got confirmation both in email and in new physical address in Seattle. Changed address again (different apartment in the same building) and got another confirmation - again both in mail and email. 5-6 Weeks after that I saw an email that my interview was scheduled, hooray. A couple days ago my sister in law sends me a screenshot of my interview appointment notice - delivered to Pennsylvania, scheduled in Buffalo. Thank you USCIS you've OUTDONE yourself. Again. Called their support line, asked about rescheduling and they were not able to tell me when is the next available date for interview in Seattle and there's no way how I or they can contact that office. Based on what I read online the rescheduling usually takes 1-3 months. The question - suck it up, pay 1300$+ for flights and hotel for my wife, make take PTO just because of USCIS fault and possible be done with this hell of a process ... or risk waiting another x months stuck in limbo? Anyone having an interview / knowing anything about Seattle office dates? Thanks
  6. It's been 10 days since online update and I still didn't get anything in mail. What's the standard wait time in between online notice and physical mail with interview date for you folks?
  7. Hey, another February filer here. Last Thursday I got a notification that my interview was scheduled. Waiting for the mail. Date Filed : 2019-02-14 NOA Date : 2019-02-21 Bio. Appt. : 2019-03-13 Fun fact: I applied for an expedite in May and contacted my congressman. They told me the person from USCIS promised my case "is on the table and will be processed soon". It's been 2 weeks. Reading other people's posts here it seems like the GC will be processed earlier than EAD.
  8. Yeah, I came on K1, waiting for AOS to happen since mid February. Timeline showed early June, now jumped to late August / mid September. Curious what's coming next. I'm still without SSN, driver's license, US bank account or any official document, fun.
  9. @Yetzky - I have bad news for you. Welcome to so-called limbo. You won't be able to get SSN until you receive your EAD (4 - 9+ months) if your I-94 is already expired. I am in similar situation, applied for AOS in February, went to SSA office with VALID I-94 (for another 5 weeks) and their validation + validation with DHS took so long that my I-94 got invalid. I tried everything and they just kept sending me from SSA to DHS and back. The only way to apply for SSN is either having a valid I-94 or EAD. Good luck and strong nerves. If you're lucky finding a job you can apply for an expedite of your EAD. I did that too, and my expedite is being ignored since May 1st. Lost the potential job.
  10. That's the thing, it seems like everyone's decision comes a couple days after. It's been 9 days and I'm getting nervous what and when to expect it. I guess I'm just overthinking it.
  11. Hey everyone, I know similar questions come up often, but I can't help myself but ask. April 30 - I was requested proofs for expedite May 1 - faxed the evidence and received email "We received your documents in support of your request to expedite the decision on your application. Your case is currently under review. You will receive a decision or notice of further action shortly." Online status says this: And there was no reply since then. Should I just wait more, or can I call USCIS since it says inquiry was completed? Does that mean there is a verdict and they're just slow or is it a standard notification?
  12. I have a question. I am a foreign fiancee who came on K1 visa, got married, gathered all documents and applied for AOS, AP, EAD at once and marked the option for getting SSN along with the process ( saying it has never been issued to me before, which is true). Now I found out that I'll have to wait 3-4 months for EAD and only then will receive SSN after. Can I go to SSA office, request SSN and use that during the waiting period (for bank, insurance, rent etc.) ? Won't it negatively affect my EAD petition saying I didn't get SSN issued? Should I somehow update USCIS about this fact when I'll get the SSN issued outside of EAD process ?
  13. Thanks for quick answers. I see that's a whole new level of headache on top of paperwork for AOS. I guess this name change is not that urgent after all and we can do without
  14. Hi all, I came to the US on K1, we've gotten married and I'd like to add a middle name to my name since I have none. My wife will use my last name (that's another story) and I'd like to use her original last name as my middle name - meaning going from <first name> (no middle name) <last name> to <first name> <wife's last name> <family name>. I can not find any legal instructions / obligations of what to do. Can I just file for SSN and AOS with my "new" middle name in the forms? Do I have to report it anywhere? Marriage certificate has our "original names" without any changes and the state we are in is PA. Thanks.
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