Consulate / USCIS Member Review #25344

Review on January 11, 2019:


Review Topic: General Review

Arrived at 10am for a 10:30 appointment.
Guard outside asked to see DS160 and passport. Then went through th gate and was directed to a long queue. They were running late on 10am appointments so after about 10 mins queuing outside called all the 10am ones in where they joined a queue then 5 mins later called us 1030 appointments inside where we were held queuing for 15 minutes as the 10am ones had gone up late.
Showed the lady my passport and ds160 agin and was directed to the 1st floor in the lift had to get out go left and left again to sit near desks 20-21.
Waited about 20 mins got called to desk 24 where we I handed all my documents over 1 by 1, my medical wasn’t I. His file so he looked it up and had to go get it. Fingerprint machine wasn’t working so I had to wait for desk 20 to use that machine ( another 10 min wait) then after that waited again for 10 mins until I was called to desk 23 for interview.
She asked how we had met, when we met in person, when I last saw him, had we been married before and just checked my married name as I changed my surname after divorce back to my birth name.
After which she said “congratulations we should be able to approve your application you’ll get an email in 7-10 business days telling you when your visa will be delivered. All over in 2 hours from when I got there