Consulate / USCIS Member Review #24276

Finland Review on July 23, 2018:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

Arrived at embassy early (about 30min before my interview time). At the the gate they took my passport and asked to wait. Waited about 5-10minutes and was asked in. The officers took my bag and all other stuff than the papers. Then went for the waiting room which was packed! I think about 30 people before me. Waited first like 1 hour 20 minutes and was called for the first officer. She took only the papers, no questions was asked. Waited. Was called again because some documents were missing (gave him the missing papers). Finally was asked for the 3rd officer. He took fingerprints 3 times and asked to tell the truth and that the paperwork is truthful. Then he asked the following questions:

- Why are you going to US?
- Fiancé name
- Fiancé occupation
- Fiancé city of residence
- Fiancé family
- Name of fiancé mother
- Fiancé hobbies
- Fiancé favorite food
- Has he been to Finland
- Have I been to US
- Where did we meet
- Have I lived abroad (where, how long)
- When planning on traveling to US

Then he said he needs to check something again. Waited.

He came back and again was looking the papers.

Then he said he will check when I will get my passport.

And then he said I am good to go and the visa is approved. And will get the visa next week.