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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #23669

Switzerland Review on April 21, 2018:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

I expected it to be way more stressful. Great thing was, there was no other person there but me, so I had no lines or such.
At the first window a lady wanted all the documents I had to bring in, so she reviewed and asked 2-3 questions about it.
Once she finished she explained the next steps of the visa, once I enter the country, how much time it will take at my layover, etc.
Then she sent me to the next window and the officer talked to me about our relationship.
He asked me several questions about how we met, how long ago, when my mother met him the first time, when our wedding will be,
where he works, what his job is, how long he's been with this company, where my typical layovers are, etc.
It wasn't more than 10-15 minutes, and he said they'd send me all documents and visa back next Tuesday.
K1 usually takes 2 days of processing time, not like other visas he said.
Very friendly staff, great experiences, and felt lucky to be there.

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