Consulate / USCIS Member Review #23380

Barbados Review on March 7, 2018:


Review Topic: F-2A Visa

Got to the consulate at 710 for my 730 meeting. Didn't carry much more than my file and my phone. There are lockers outside for small bags, or purses. When you get into the embassy you are scanned and the phone is taken from you and you are given a number to collect it back when you leave.

I made it into the interview area and was told to wait. When window number 5 was free I was called and handed in my passport, passport pictures, marriage certificate, originals to all my police records, a marriage certificate for my in-laws. Then I was asked a few questions about the the intended address, the telephone number for my spouse, and asked to clarify if my spouse and the joint sponsor lived in the same house.

After waiting a few hours I was called to the second interview window.

Asked how I met my wife
What were we both doing in that country
How long have we dated for
What we did after I graduated and left
How we communicate
How often she visits me
Why didn't she visit as much last year
What I plan to do when I get to the states

Visa approved!!!!!!