Consulate / USCIS Member Review #22317

Athens, Greece Review on August 11, 2017:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

According to my Fiancee, her experience was the following.

She arrived at the consulate roughly an hour before her interview to prevent the possibility of being late. From what she explained, it was very similar to how the Department of Motor Vehicles operated in the U.S. You'd obtain a number, stand around, and wait for your number to appear upon a screen before a specific window where someone would assist you.

There was a moment where there was a group of people (including my Fiancee) whom had not been called by number. The faculty simply told everyone to stand in line to simply keep the process going. As my Fiancee finally made it to her turn, she spoke with the associate about her meeting with a CO. The associate apparently couldn't find her name on a list at first.

With a bit of insisting, the associate double checked and thankfully found it, to our delight.

Afterwards; She was brought to another window where a female associate was asking questions about her travels here and there and how did we visit each other. My Fiancee didn't really understand the concept of what it means to be under the Visa Waiver Program. So when the lady asked about what visa she had in order to get into the U.S., she immediately became a bit confused. To my Fiancee's observation, the woman became quite rude to her about this. Interrogating her a bit aggressively. Finally it was made clear that she used the VWP and allowed her to continue with the actual interview with the CO.

The CO was actually a very calm, cool, and relaxed fellow. She was respectful to him and he was respectful back. He asked her simple questions such as:

How did you meet?

How long were you together?

When did we visit each other?

How many brothers and sisters (I had)?


He even complimented her (us) on having all of the proper documentation. Even stating that "Most people often are missing something, but you have everything perfectly in order."

According to my Fiancee, he didn't even ask for the 2x2 photograph of herself, the copy of the ds 160, confirmation page of interview scheduling, or any of the various amounts of proof of our relationship. He simply asked those questions, complimented us, then told us that the Visa was approved. Unfortunately she'll have to wait up to 10-15 days before she'll get her passport and visa back; however, that's not really too much of a big deal.

Overall; my Fiancee said it was a pleasant experience despite being so stressed about it for days prior. It literally only lasted no more than 20-30 minutes.