Consulate / USCIS Member Review #19903

Belmopan, Belize Review on July 8, 2016:



Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

Finally I can submit my review. Our interview was on May 17th 2016. My husband came for the interview and was able to enter the embassy with his US passport. It was me, my husband and 3 kids. When we arrived they took our documents at the window outside. Documents include P4 and DS160 confirmation page.

After they confirm we had an appointment we were let in where the security officers checked us in as well as checked our documents. No cell phones or other electronic devices are allowed, however you can leave them in your purse at the security booth.

We entered the embassy and was immediately called to a window where the other documents were collected including, passport pic, medical report, original BP, police record and original divorce decree and also finger printing was done. After documents were collected we were told to sit down and wait for the interview.

We only sat down for about 5 mins before we were called for the interview. The CO swore me in then asked the following:
1. How did we meet?
we answered
2. She then asked my husband what he was doing in Belize at the time we met.
He answered
3. She then asked if were living long distance all that time.
We said no we have been back and fort for some time.
Then she said ok do you guys have a child together? we said yes she wanted to know how come there was no petition for that said child. My husband told her because she is already a USC.
CO said ok good there is no question your relationship is real but we will need a joint sponsor. She told me to sit down while she prepared the 221g letter. After a few minutes she called me again and said she didn't realized I had the kids with me so she called my 16 year old for her finger print only asking her if she was going to school. Made me do finger printing for the 13 and 12 year old not asking them nothing.

We got our 221g was told as soon as we get it to bring it. Took it to the embassy on June 28 and got approved one week later on July 7. All in all it was a great experience. The staffs are nice and very helpful. We got there for 8am and by 9am we were done. So happy right now

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