Consulate / USCIS Member Review #10540

Columbus OH Review on October 3, 2012:


Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

We had our interview this morning in the Columbus, Ohio office. The officer was an older white lady. A middle aged black female officer sat in the room but didn't say anything.

We were interviewed separately. I (the USC) was first.

She asked me details about my daily routine, the bedrooms in our house, how we met, details about my kids... She asked to see extra evidence, and I gave her our lease, bank statements, letters of support. She went through our photos and smiled and laughed at a few of them. She asked about one with his parents in it and asked who they were and then commented, "Oh, so you've met his parents." And I said, yes, several times. I was in there with them maybe 15 minutes.

Then they took my husband in the room alone. He was also in there for about 15 minutes. From his report, they asked him the same type of details about our house, routine, kids... All of our answers matched, of course, because it's pretty easy to answer questions about your own lives.

We have a 20 year age gap and, strangely enough, they didn't ask either of us us one question about it. It wasn't even mentioned at all.

When my husband was done, she took his I-94 and told him he didn't need it anymore because he's not currently studying. She told him that she needed to review paperwork before she makes a decision. He came out alone and said we are done and we left. At no point during the process were we interviewed together, which I thought was strange??

The interviewer was really nice and friendly, which was a plus.

Our interview was at 11am and our approval text message came at about 5:30pm.

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