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Uzbekistan US Consulate Reviews

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Uzbekistan US Consulate Reviews
Average Rating: 3.3 / 5
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Moscow, Russia
Review #422 on February 16, 2006:



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Review Topic: K1 Visa

She waited 2 hours for the interview. The interview itself took about 10-15 minutes. She was asked 5 questions.

Question 1: Tell me about Roger.

Question 2: What does he do at work?

Question 3: What qualities I like in him?

Question 4: Is he married?

Question 5: Are you married?

Then she took the 2004 tax return, letter from the employer, and something else but Janna did not remember what it was.

Oh, I also did not bother to get the bank letter.

She told me that she felt at ease with the interviewer and that the lady was nice. She did have to go back to sign a form at 2pm later that day that she forgot to fill. Everything went fine and she got her passport and visa back on Feb 16th.

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