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  1. Just a few days over a month into this process. It doesn't really seem like that long, yet it seems like an eternity. Hows' that for a complete contradiction in terms? lol

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    2. notmuch88tosay


      I'm sure the USCIS can do a security check and background check in a matter of 30 minutes or less. So what are they doing during the other 7 months and 29 days?

      Shuffling papers on their desk? Calculating the probablility of the relationships that are in their hands falling apart, so that they can feel better about their depressing lives?

    3. lilly1986


      same here... i hope ur relationship will be strong enough, guys!! I hope so for myself :)

    4. JuFi CHRiS

      JuFi CHRiS

      im pregnant too but its been 3 weeks since they received our reply for rfe. i guess fiance visa is not for us. im giving up on this one. we might just cancel it and go for spousal visa. i dont want my baby to come out and we are not married. good luck to all of us :)

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