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    babybunny got a reaction from Soloenta in Age Discrimination and Denials   
    love is blind. I wish the COs were..but, they are not..
    dayum dayum dayum..
    props to all the ladies that have younger men!! - if guys can do it so can the ladies..

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    babybunny got a reaction from Member9 in It is time for a DIVORCE...   
    so your gonna toss the baby out with the bath water?
    you took a vow - in sickness and in health. trust me i am the last person on this earth to toss those words at you. I think your being a jerk. she needs you!!
    1st counsling
    2nd job skills
    3rd mental support.
    I think you are a pure jerk from hell because, common things in any international relationship
    you are turning your back on her. I pitty her. really alot of men would appreciate a lady like her
    because, alot of men want a sweet innocent lady like what you have. your such the jerk you are- you cant see that. your tossing out a treasure.
    just rember this . when you BREAK a heart. your heart will be broken 10 fold!!
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