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  1. hello there, I was wondering if you can help me out a little bit, I want to bring my mom to the US and don't really know where to start. Could please tell me what documents will i need and ab out how much money the process will cost?  Thank you in advance.

  2. StephanieM

    Confusion question

    He is not yet a US citizen though. He is in the process of becoming a US citizen by naturalization.
  3. Gonna try to word this without being too confusing. My cousin (K) is married to a resident. She came to USA in Jan 2016 after he petitioned for her. Her husband (B) will become a citizen very soon. They will have been married 3 years this year. Can she, my cousin apply to become a US citizen as soon as she is here for 3 years herself. I know persons married to US citizens are elegible to become citizens after being in the country for three years instead of five like the average person. Basically, does it matter if by the time she makes three years in USA he has only been a citizen for a year or less. does this make sense?