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    Chance meeting in the outback of Australia mid 1988...I realy didnt need a Yankee boyfriend...but we wereinsperable for 4 months. The day he had to finally leave broke my heart - didnt know what to do...My best friend tried to get me back to reality but nothing worked...I said to my friend I think I wanna marry him...As time passed we constantly kept in touch with many letters presents, expensive phone calls but the thought that I should try to forget about him kept creeping into my head...In one of my mad moments in 1989 I decided to join the Australian Army, thinking this will help me get over him.
    He kept calling....He called me during boot camp and asked who he can call to get me out of this Army....so he tried calling the PM but they said NO...she has to stay a soldier...needless to say I couldnt forget him

    Then by chance in 1991 His work and my Army both sent us to Nowra at the same time....wooo that was weird....I was on the jump course and he was working on my runway ...we were together again for 5 months....we knew then that what we have something intense...bigger than wot we can handle...we kept in touch....met in Singapore for a weekend...he came back to australia for a week...I went over to usa and in a desperate attempt to be together as I couldnt get out of the Army, we tried for me to get pregnant. How that didnt work Ill never know... We never broke up....we just said that 'its just not working right now..." I had heard of another girl so I vowed to never call or take his calls again and then some idiot who had been desperatly trying to date me for 2 years finally got his opportunity...then I fell pregnant to this man..I had to call and speak with my yankee boyfriend and he didnt say what I wanted him to stay so I married the idiot and lived a life of misery for 15 years...
    A few years later he married someone else....his sister kept writting to me... but we had no contact with each other for over 17 years...

    His sister kept me informed and kept him informed of me....

    Then last July 2009 he finally finds me at long last ...I asked him what he had been up to and to tell me about himself....his first words were...Ive been divorced for 5 years now...I said 'oh Im so sorry"...then I thought bloody hell...wot am I saying...thats great news....I flew to USA to touch him once again...we both confessed immediatly that we have missed and loved each other for all this
    time....10 days after face to face meeting I get the biggest diamond engadgement ring I have eva seen....so I Flew back and we spent Xmas together
    then Spent Easter together

    then he flew to australia to spend time with me and family...(he hadnt been to oz and hadnt seen my family for 18 years)

    Married 10/10/10
    Our wedding invite http://moderndayinvite.com/your-wedding-invitations-viewer.php?id=332&type=1&key=_nokey_

    Now waiting for AOS....and waiting to buy a new house...and waiting to get a new car...oh and one day...maybe ill get a job....

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