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    I first met my wife on June 27, 2008 through our mutual membership in the online game Second Life. At first we found that we had similar interests in Art, Music, Travel, and many other areas. After a few weeks of text chatting in side Second Life we started exchanging pictures and e-mails and we chatted either with MSN Instant Messenger or on Second Life. By August we were no longer playing on Second Life but instead using the web-cam features of MSN to be able to talk to each other face to face.
    During this we were both going through divorces and she was attending school to get her Interior Design Diploma from Gippsland Tafe. We became closer and closer the more we go to know each other. We got to where we actually spent time together via web-cam with Diana doing her school projects and homework while I was doing things for my work. We started planning our first meeting for March of 2009 for when Diana graduated from School, I was going to fly down and be with her for the ceremony. In October of 2008 Diana asked if I would mind if she came to the United States to see me first in the beginning of December, which was when her schooling actually finished and her children would be on Holiday. I of course said yes.
    Diana arrived in the US on November 28, 2008 where I picked her up from Dullis International Airport. We spent 4 days in Virginia sight seeing in the Washington DC area. On the 4th day I asked Diana to marry me and she accepted. We then went to Youngstown Ohio where I introduced her to my family. After 4 days in Youngstown we then went to Pennsylvania in the Lancaster area to do some more sightseeing. We then finished up this trip with two days in the Baltimore area.
    Our 2nd visit was in March of 2009 when I flew down to Australia. Diana picked me up from Melbourne Airport and we spent 3 days in Melbourne sightseeing. During this time I met Diana’s parents and her brother Rick and his family. We then went to Sale where Diana lives and I met her children Molly and Jack . I escorted Diana to her graduation and was introduced to many of her friends and classmates. We then finished this trip up by going to Lakes Entrance and staying for 3 days followed by a trip to Bucken Caves before I had to head back to the US.
    Our 3rd visit was when I flew Diana over for the 4th of July. She first stayed at the house that I currently rent where I introduced her to many of my friends and also people that I work with. We drove up to Youngstown, Ohio to celebrate the 4th with my family. Diana completely enjoyed the 4th with the cookouts and fireworks. We then went back to my house in Maryland where we spent the last week of her trip seeing the sites here.
    Our 4th visit was when I again flew down to Australia in September of 2009 for our birthdays. My birthday is the 6th, Molly’s is the 8th Diana’s is the 15th and Jack’s is the 30th. We had one large birthday party for all of us. We also went to Castlemaine to stay with Diana’s Brother and his family and visited with Diana’s parents.
    Our 5th visit was in December of 2009 when I flew Diana and Molly to the US. They stayed with me at the house I rent. During the first week I had to work and Diana and Molly went to Washington DC to see the sites taking in the National Zoo and many of the Museum’s. The second week was spent in Youngstown where my family held off Thanksgiving a week so that Diana and Molly could celebrate with us. After this we spent the last few days of this trip back in Maryland taking in the sites around where I live and up in Baltimore.
    Our 6th visit was in May of 2010 when I flew down to Australia to finally marry Diana. We had over 50 people in attendance at the wedding and it was a beautiful time. The wedding was held in the botanical gardens in Castlemaine which is where her brother lives. Castlemaine is also where Diana’s grandparents lived when they first emigrated from Holland to Australia back in the 50’s. This is the town that her mother Elly grew up in and where she met and married Diana’s father. Diana’s mother gave her away during the wedding while Rick her brother was my best man and Jack her son was my groomsman. Molly her daughter was Diana’s bridesmaid. Both children are very happy that we have gotten married and that I make their mother so happy.
    Me and Diana talk to each other twice a day via web-cam and in-between those time we use MSN Instant messenger on our phones to keep in touch. We are very much in love and I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with her. Her children have accepted me not just as step-dad but as the father they never had. Both Jack and Molly regularly come to me for advice on all sorts of matters from homework to dating. Jack will be coming with Diana to the US while Molly will stay behind to go to University. After she graduates she wants to move her and find work as a zoologist at one of our zoo’s. Even though we live so far apart we have formed a family and getting Diana and Jack here will only server to strengthen that family.
    This is our story so far

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