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    Our Visa Journey...<br />11/29/04 married in Jordan<br />12/09/04 I-130 delivered to NSC<br />12/15/04 1st noa (from CSC)<br />2/17/05 2nd noa<br />3/18/05 revieved DS3032 and I-864 fee bill<br />3/19/05 pre-signed DS3032 sent out<br />3/19/05 I-864 fee bill sent to st louis<br />3/21/05 I-864 fee delivered<br />3/25/05 DS3032 delivered<br />4/11/05 IV bill generated<br />4/21/05 $70 is in the system <br />4/21/05 self-generated 864 pkg sent out (thanks James)<br />4/29/05 IV bill recieved <br />5/04/05 IV fee sent out<br />5/20/05 IV fee in system<br />5/23/05 DS230 sent out (self-generated cover, thanks again James!)<br />5/24/05 DS230 signed for at 9:27a by R Pearce<br />5/26/05 DS230 is in the system<br />6/06/05 Case Complete!!! <br />6/15/05 Case sent to Amman<br />6/21/05 Amman sends paperwork to Hatem...<br />9/10/05 Still waiting for police certs <br />9/15/05 Complete pkt returned to the embassy <br />11/29/05 1 year anniversary, still not together, no good reason<br />02/23/06 interview - went well, they took his pasport and said to come back in 2 days for visa<br />02/25/06 picked up visa<br />03/02/06 arrived in US, poe Chicago...cakewalk<br />03/25/06 recieved greencard<br />03/27/06 recieved social security card<br />03/28/06 got drivers license<br />from now on... just a regular life together except<br />Dec 2007 condition removal

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    IR-1/CR-1 Visa
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    Nebraska Service Center
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    Been building a life together for a year and a half now, a lot of its been fun. We are planning to return to Jordan in January for maybe a month or so, and maybe a house next summer. A lot of good things to look forward to.
    For now we are growing a home business together that we are proud of and excited about. For anyone looking for an income outside of a regular job situation...this might be for you too. I've made great friends here so if this wasn't a real and wonderful opportunity, I would never bring it here. Email me or request more information from <a href="http://www.livewellandprosper.net" >here. </a><IMG border=0 width=1 height=1 src="http://www.livewellandprosper.net" >

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