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  1. i read that form you are right. but as i believe that the US embassy has a level of access to the government information in the country it founded in so if they want to consider that as public charge they don't really need to ask about it in forms. what do you think ?
  2. if the beneficiary outside the US get government benefits from his country (non US benefits) while waiting for CR1 it will be affected by public charge rule? benefits like low income assist, health insurance and cash assist.
  3. well, after long deep search i found that there is 2 types of medicaid. the state medicaid and the federal medicaid and its looks like the state medicaid is okay to have it as a sponsor as USC. after all of that long search i'm still not sure and have no idea, anyone have something to say or confirm something about this matter? thanks .
  4. as you know its not always that easy to find a joint sponsor. i think we gonna wait until i-864 stag, and see if they will be satisfied with it. if yes i think we will not face any problem in this mater at embassy. but if not i will pray to find a joint sponsor.
  5. thanks for all of these helpful and rich posts i really appreciate your time regards.
  6. @geowrian Look what i found here https://www.uscis.gov/news/fact-sheets/public-charge-fact-sheet?fbclid=IwAR39WUzvXA4iq9zjbUYnOpLOOzWcVYipGx7jYZOBMl-7Kt9F59Ngd5kkv-0 what do you think ?
  7. I appreciate your time to write this helpful post thank you very much for this information i think i'm gonna search for another healthcare plans
  8. https://www.visitorscoverage.com/green-card-insurance/ please replay to me if this will work or not thank you no im still not sure please check these plans https://www.visitorscoverage.com/green-card-insurance/ and reply thanks
  9. i can confirm to you this insurance is for new immigrants with 0 deductible i can provide you a link if its not against the forums law. EDIT: oh sorry that was $780/month
  10. she was divorced with 2 kids when she got it. and she never got any kind of support but medicaid i mean she wasn't eligible for any another kind of support cause her income.
  11. OK. but is that mean they will ignore her income and be refused just for her medicaid ? i mean she has really good income, it will not be even enough if she used medicaid ? thanks
  12. i heard somewhere that the sponsor should cut off the medicaid in order to prove he can support the immigrant and we are very confused now.
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