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  1. I noticed there hasn't been a single interview scheduled for 2022 in timelines, or in this thread. Did they stop scheduling interviews in Cairo 😆?
  2. Her documents are yet to be DQ'ed, they're currently processing documents submitted 2 weeks ahead of hers. Im here trying to get an estimate for the lag so as to get a better idea about our plans, and from what things seem it's quite a wait.
  3. Hoping to find out the same thing..generally i think they're closing in on the lag, but not sure how long is it currently between DQ and interview..
  4. Howdy! I have just submitted my wife's NVC paperwork last week. But upon browsing around, I saw that some have been RFE'd due to missing W2's, and mostly it's for those who filed for taxes jointly. I am working overseas for a foreign employer, and submitted 2020 Tax transcript and 2021 tax return (since the transcript isn't yet ready), both of which clearly mention foreign employment and filed as married filing separately. I have a feeling they systematically request W2's regardless of filing status or verification of working stateside. I have submitted a personal statement of re-establishing domicile with a hoard of proofs, so they clearly understand that it's not a US-based employer and thus no W2 will be available. I am obviously not relying on my foreign income for financial proof, but rather on assets. I'm considering uploading a statement - to the W2 document upload - outlining exactly that, just to avoid needless delay. And then again i feel like I'm shooting myself in the foot because this may further confuse them Any thoughts? Or do they completely disregard any income-related documentation once they see entries assets?
  5. You're absolutely right. The CRBA is needed only for the purpose of documentation, which consequently is required to issue a US passport. This is like being born in the US. A US birth certificate isn't required to obtain US citizenship, it simply documents it. Birth certificate for those born stateside, CRBA for those born abroad. The eligibility of US citizenship is confirmed at a CRBA interview for verification. Citizenship is acquired at birth and documented - only documented - based on proof of US citizen parent(s). I'm not sure if @Skyman saw the link posted by @Boiler, which literally says in the first paragraph "If you are a U.S. citizen (or non-citizen national) and have a child overseas, you should report their birth at the nearest U.S embassy or consulate as soon as possible so that a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) can be issued as an official record of the child’s claim to U.S. citizenship or nationality."
  6. In the instructions it mentions you can also include a copy of the tax return (rather than the IRS tax transcript). Has anyone had any trouble with this?
  7. Anyone here waiting on an immigrant visa interview in Cairo?
  8. @virtapreneur On a separate note, may I know when did she have her interview at the Cairo embassy? Because Im about to finish submitting NVC documents and was under the impression that they're only carrying out expedited interviews in Cairo.
  9. I'm so sorry for your loss..I pray that God grants you patience and grants her Mercy
  10. Thanks so much for your response! So she put country of Domicile something other than USA? Specifically, question 5 in Part 4 of I-864
  11. A little bit of context; Married since 2012, and applied for I-130 for my wife in March 2019, and it was approved earlier this year. It honestly took more time than I thought! So the case was transferred to NVC in March of this year and we frankly weren't quite certain at that point when we would move to the states, as it will depend on when the actual visa will be granted. Now we're putting everything together to carry on with documents to be provided, and went though the little survey https://nvc.state.gov/aos where this question popped up while looking at their requirements for financial documents I currently live and work in Egypt since 2015, but I do have a US mailing address (which is where I've been receiving all correspondence specific to I-130). If I answer as "Yes", then it only requires my tax filing documents. But if i conservatively choose No (which honestly is what I'm leaning towards), it will then ask for proof of US domicile. I have been working in Egypt (and intend to use assets for financial support as part of I-864) but maintained a US bank account, voted in the 2020 elections, renewed my driver's license and maintaining my US cellular phone line (one i've had since 2004!), 401K plan, and stock options in a US account, along with several active US credit cards. I honestly don't know if this will suffice as US domicile. In the meantime, I cannot simply move to the US beforehand just for the purpose of re-establishing domicile there..I have no clue how long the process will further take and don't want to leave my wife and kids for God knows how long. I do intend to travel there with my wife once the visa is granted. My 3 questions: 1. Should I choose Yes or No for that question? 2. If i choose No, are the aforementioned items sufficient to show US domicile? 3. Can I use stocks and/or fully-vested 401K balance as assets? It covers the 3X poverty line requirements while keeping in mind the early withdrawal tax penalty. Thanks in advance!
  12. Any updates regarding their current activity? Has anyone been scheduled an interview there recently?
  13. The joint sponsor needs to provide the same evidence of income as the main sponsor, along with their own I-864 form.
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