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  1. At least your petition has been approved. I'm yet to hear back
  2. I called and made a request. They have responded with a generic message saying my case is in line for review. Its a bit confusing to see others with much later PD getting approvals, particularly those who were also transferred to VSC. Nothing to do but wait I guess
  3. It shows the message "Routing could not be determined due to an invalid receipt number." I triple-checked the case number and it's definitely correct. I even copied it from the case history page and still shows the same error. Looks like i have to call them tomorrow.
  4. Hello, Glad I found this thread! Filed March 2019, Nebraska, then transferred to VSC in February. I guess i will submit an ONPT inquiry and let you know how it goes.
  5. I've had my wife's case filed in March 2019 and was assigned to Nebraska Service Center. Like many others, it was transferred to Vermont in February 2020 without any changes since. Im checking the processing times for VSC and it shows the date of June 2018 as grounds for a case inquiry, whereas Nebraska shows March 2019. This is also reflected on the listed duration to process an I-130 for spouse. I know they were affirmative about the transfer not causing any delays for the application and whatnot, but it seems otherwise so far. So keeping that in mind, if i were to request a case inquiry, do you reckon i go off of the estimates of the original service center, or the one with the current jurisdiction?
  6. Im waiting from March 2019 Case transferred to VSC on Feb 2020. Can't see any changes yet
  7. Congrats!! Im yet to see any updates on mine. Filed March 2019, transferred February 2020.
  8. Ok so this highlighted date? seems to mimic the other tab Eitherway, it's still untouched for my case, since being transferred
  9. So basically i tried calling USCIS today and asked to speak to a tier-2 officer. The agent asked for a call-back number, to which i answered that I'm currently overseas. She said then they won't be able to call me back. End of story. Now i don't know what's the right approach. I looked online and seems that VSC has a bigger backlog than Nebraska to begin with, so I'm not sure what's their logic. I used the tracker app and saw that many cases with a later priority date have been approved 😕
  10. Hello there! Case transferred from NSC on February 10th. I called but can't remember if she said it was transferred to texas or Vermont. Application filed March 2019 😕
  11. So anyone with Nebraska service center had their ball rolling recently? No changes on my case...and i checked their current processing dates, says they're working on cases received Oct 2018 😕
  12. Anyone who's been filed with Nebraska Service Center heard anything recently?
  13. Just a small piece of advice: Your life doesn't start at I-130 approval or NVC completion. You already are living a good life, make the most out of it while waiting for processing. I know this is easily said, but definitely doable. If you're away from your spouse, perhaps this is a great opportunity to visit other places together. Learn the language of your spouse in the meantime if you don't share the same. If you're the immigrant, start polishing your career prior to moving stateside so as to waste no time upon arrival. If you plan to study there, start looking at pre-requisites for admission or research opportunities. If you're a professional, maybe start considering professional certifications. Starting a business? great! Start studying the market in the vicinity where you intend to move, learn about rules and regulations, etc. Whatever you plan, get a head start. And don't give your timeline much thought. It's important, but don't sweat it. Subscribe to email/text notifications and when it updates, it updates. "A watched pot never boils" ~ Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard’s Almanack, 1732-1758. One more keypoint: If you pass the 2-year mark prior to receiving your greencard, you're given a 10-year greencard, not a conditional one. This will spare you the removal-of-conditions process. So the current wait isn't so bad afterall! And this is coming from a Nebraska filer 😁
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