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  1. Call from the congressmen. Email from the Embassy, stating they got both mine and Hamzas Emails with scanned letters from family.

    1. Danni and Hamza

      Danni and Hamza

      Congressmans office said, that basically the email reply from Algiers said ...that we are in AR (DUH :P) that the case should be complete in a month or two, but it could take longer. That they will contact Hamza or myself when its done.

      The congressmans office said they will email again in 30 days to check the progress, unless we have a problem btw now and then.

    2. Danni and Hamza

      Danni and Hamza

      So, its not a call from the Embassy to bring his passport in, cause hes approved .... BUT it is something :) YAY for somekind of progress, so soon!

    3. Mandy P

      Mandy P

      I got a canned response email from the embassy today too. Looks like it was avoid answering the American's questions day at the Algiers Embassy. LOL