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  1. I dont think its good news...

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    2. Mandy P

      Mandy P

      I'm sure you would! :) I would too! I would think, and I don't know, that the short face to face time could affect the need to prove something to them. Ghani and I met in January 2008 and I've visted him 4 times since then and one of those times was for a solid month. So I think we should have enough "proof". I really hope they just check things out for you all and approve you quickly! I'll be praying for you two.

    3. nancy garcia

      nancy garcia

      i think they just want to make sure abt the relation and inchalah he will approved soon and thats not denial ofcors maybe becos u visited him only one time and u stay short time with him but dont worry thats not means they can denied the visa for this inchalah soon u he approve praying for u guy

    4. Danni and Hamza

      Danni and Hamza

      Thanks everyone for your support, and advice !

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