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  1. On hold with DOS, 1 and 1/2 hours and counting!

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    2. Mandy P

      Mandy P

      My experience with DOS is that they won't tell you anything anyway. They told me that the Embassy in Algeria hadn't even received Ghani's package yet AFTER we got the Packet 3 call. LOL

    3. marriedtomrg


      It's a federal holiday...there's no one to accept your call at the moment.

    4. Danni and Hamza

      Danni and Hamza

      Well, I called this morning,before 8... and got the we are not open before 8 and on holidays. Called back later, cause I know Columbus day is not a strictly observed holiday :P And got the please call back later due to a large call volume... and later a please wait for a visa specialist message. So if they are not open, they really should have just left the first message play all day.