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    MeggyMo got a reaction from carocaro in Wanting to move home   
    I just cant believe that its that simple. Unbelievable since this whole process moving to the states was such a long expensive process full of headaches. Ill finally be back with my family!
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    MeggyMo got a reaction from user19000 in got 2 year GC, now divorceHei!   
    Agreed. I'm sorry I just finished reading all of this and while I agree that speaking another language in front of someone who does not speak that language can make the person uncomfortable BUT he decided he wanted to be with this person. What did he expect her just to give up her native language.
    Come on now man give me a break. I feel for the OP and I definitely hope that she can get this all sorted out for herself and get her back in the best situation for her. And I believe the last thing she needs is this guy telling her to suck it up and basically do as he says, Justashooter I believe your image of a how a woman should act and behave is quite twisted. Your wife may be like that to you sir but a woman should not have toobey every ridiculous demand that she is given. She should be able to keep in contact with her family and speak whatever the hell language she wants WHENEVER she wants. I find your views on women appalling. You may not have said much but what you did say was disturbing.
    Now with that being said I really hope you find what you need OP. Good luck
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    MeggyMo got a reaction from Angeli in I-751 January Filers, 2013   
    Yea I was nervous about getting my license here too. I didnt drive back home didnt need to. It took me two times I was crushed when I failed the first time! How are u liking ur job? What do u do? U are a trooper I wouldnt know what to do with myself being alone for that long im glad he is home for u now . We are holding off on a house even though I want one so bad. We are thinking of moving back to canada in a few years to be close to my family since my husband doesnt speak with his family here. It makes it more difficult. I have such a close family and leavong that was pretty tough
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    MeggyMo got a reaction from Fitzy in I-751 January Filers, 2013   
    Yaysl seems like everything is moving along for everyone. I hope we all have a smooth rest of our journey.
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    MeggyMo reacted to soon2batexan in Interview Question   
    The Vancouver Consulate staff is awesome! They're VERY organized, and very friendly...they're there to help, so while I know it's nerve-wracking, try to relax knowing that they'll help make the process as easy as possible.
    In our case, the Vice Consular asked me to tell him about the night we met, he asked my Fiance (who came to the interview with me) about his job, and also what I plan to do for work once I move and get settled. That's about all. I brought boarding passes with me, more current e-mails and phone records and photos, but they didn't ask to see them. The majority of the time I spent at the Consulate involved waiting...waiting for them to take your fingerprints, waiting for the interview. The interview itself took maybe 15 min? One thing I do recommend is that you and/or fiance provide an updated letter of intent, similar to the one you sent with the original package but with a more current date. We included one, and they seemed to appreciate that..they kept it with our file.
    A couple of things to note: There are no washrooms on the 20th floor, so make sure if you need to use one, you use the one on the 2nd floor before they take you up. Also, unless you plan to be in Vancouver the entire next day to pick up your visa (which is usually ready after 2pm), make sure to bring a PACK-size XpressPost mailer with you (I think it's the 294mm x 304mm one).
    All the best! Everything will be fine.
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