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    Is it possible that you will have a manila case number then the NVC said they didn't received your case yet? I am expecting that since its 2 weeks since we got are reaffirmed NOA2 our case is sent already in Manila,now why my fiance called NVC today and they say they still don't have our papers.When he did called last april 12 and give us our Manila case no. !!I just wanna hear if there is a situation like us..
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    CATHYlovesRICK got a reaction from Donald-n-Analyn in is it normal that my In laws have never been in touch with me?   
    I wish it will all change when they meet you!when i met my fiance in person way back in january 2008 on his vacation here in the philippines,i never thought he would come back june just to proposed to me...His mom even ask/beg me to not accept it for its only a while that we know each other..She is so vocal in saying she doesn't like a pilipina for him and she wants a latina.She even say this things to him just to convinced him not to proposed to me, My future Mother in law said.. Are you sure she is not a visa hunter???How can you say she is the right women when you only knew her for months and only talking online?with that face of her she can get a much younger and rich american guy... :bonk: and so many other things that is so foul in my part and ouch,,really hurts my ego!Even until the day we already are engaged she keeps on convincing my fiance that i am not the right woman,The most painful part is when we had our child they told him to get DNA test to make sure the baby is his own..That statement of her mom pisses me off,and i told my fiance things i am never used in saying like "I don't give a ###### with any of your mom's comments or issues about me"But you know what melts my heart we are in a 3 way line when my fiance told his mom that me and his daughter are the most important in his life now and if she can't accept us and she can't respect me then there is no way they are welcome in our wedding and our house once i arrived there in US.(glad they live far away from my fiance)But things change as she starts to know me little by little even she can't totally accept me still she says things like I am so surprised how catherine is so smart and wise,how she was able to find a site just by internet and now your daughter is a dual citizen..I think she will be smarter than you as years passed by... she said that to my fiance!!!Just like what other's said you will not marry the whole family only him,if you think you did your part and they still can't accept you,its their problem anymore!
    I am not even as educated as you maybe but my fiance always tell me and makes me feel that I am the BEST, mother to our child and wife to him!I think in the end that's all that matter's!Don't worry too much about his family!Once they see how GOOD you are there is no way they will not embrace you if they have a heart
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