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    kg8183 got a reaction from newacct in Means-tested public benefits   
    Thank you for the reply. What makes you think that it is not means tested and, therefore, ok for me to apply.
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    kg8183 reacted to Roosha in Are new documents required?   
    No, 2012 tax returns and W2s will not be required until after the deadline of April 2013, at which time hopefully your husband will be physically with you in the states!
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    kg8183 reacted to Tygrys in Are new documents required?   
    Nobody would expect 2012 taxes to be already filed in January 2013. You may not even receive your W2 until the end of January.
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    kg8183 reacted to velrich in False checklist?   
    Yes. It is a 'false' checklist. I ignored it when I got it and everything was fine!
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    kg8183 reacted to Douglas Custodio in False checklist?   
    I received this same checklist after receiving a RFE for our Affidavit of Support. I sent the AOS and IV packets on the same day, the packets got there together, still they were analyzed four days apart. AOS first and we got a RFE, IV packet four days later , and we got this checklist.
    I believe it's normal.
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    kg8183 reacted to RRK in False checklist?   
    Just call to make sure. Sometimes they can misplace the files or not see it and not put it in the system. So I would call to double check and ease my mind
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    kg8183 reacted to RRK in joint sponsor and household member question   
    Yes, that is enough. I did the same to show my mom and dad are related. The joint taxes have all the info that is needed (home address, ssn, marital status). NVC had no problems at all, they just sent me a so called checklist which said that I myself might not satisfy the sponsorship requirement for the CO purposes, so I should make sure husband takes a copy of cosponsor info with him, even though NVC will forward it all.
    No marriage certificate from you parents is needed. Hope this helps!
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    kg8183 reacted to RRK in Holding a joint sponsor for interview   
    From what I have seen and talked to people you have valid 2 points. First of all, most likely the CO will need additional time to review the newly admitted AOS. It will not be ground for denial in itself, however they will take additional time to review it since they need to verify the info you put into AOS. In Armenia that additional time might take weeks, even more than month. If you search the forum, there was a couple who simply needed to update the sponsor's address and Armenian consulate took almost a month to issue the visa since they were checking things up. One thing for sure, you will lose some valuable time.
    I would just send the AOS from joint sponsor to NVC. Remember, your husband will be able ton apply for citizenship in 3 years after he gets his GC, so your parents will not be liable for a long time, but you will be safer for the embassy.
    Hope this helps,
    Good luck
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