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  1. Nothing received!! When I called I was checking on my status and that’s when the lady asked if I attended my interview in March. I said no as I haven’t received anything and shes like oh some people did not receive theirs and she made a service request for me. No mention I was denied. I also check myuscis account and it only says interview being scheduled since December 2017 and there was my service request case number. I am so confused...
  2. Omg!! I just made an account using that link and it shows me that my interview is being scheduled since December 2017. Why would they have two different sites to login from? I googled uscis and used the first link! Will I be penalized since it IS actually on their website? (Though I was using an old one)
  3. It’s been saying the same thing for the last year.. Fingerprint Fee Was Received On June 30, 2017, we accepted the fingerprint fee for your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, Receipt Number MSCxxx. Our National Benefits Center location is working on your case. We mailed you a notice describing how we will process your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address
  4. I understand it’s only been a couple of hours but there’s urgency to this, it’s a scary situation and I am really looking for recommendations. I called again and I was told the service request was made but it is also dependent on the office. My case can be rescheduled or that my case may be closed.
  5. Hi!! I was hoping to get some assistance and recommendations on how I should proceed. I called about my AOS status about 3 months ago and was told they can't provide me any information as the average interview time is about a year to a year and a half. I have my AP/EAD and I am currently working. I have continually checked my online status (NOT UPDATE!! It still says they got my biometrics on June 30th) and signed up for text and email notifications. Today, I decided to call as it's been a year since I have applied. I was told that my interview was actually scheduled in March of this year! The lady was very kind and offered to rescheduled but I hear back in 30 days. I also tried to schedule an infopass but the San Francisco office is NOT accepting any walk in or scheduled appointments right now!! What should I do? It's been over two months since my scheduled interview, will they close my case? I am so worried!
  6. Oops! Yes Thank you!! I just got my approval letter (NOA) can’t wait to receive my card!!
  7. Hi! My situation is pretty much the same as yours. I filed end of June! I raised two SR and was notfied today that my card is in process!! Total wait was 161 days!! I’ve even contacted my congresswoman to no avail . I hope you get yours soon!!
  8. I wanted to share my experience with everyone in Visa Journey, especially those waiting for their EAD and AP! It's been a SUPER frustrating process of waiting and not knowing I didn't get any RFE and I waited 161 days for my approval!!! (Check my timeline for more info) Today, I CRIED! But it was happy tears!! I can finally (possibly) go home for Christmas!! Today, I checked my USIS online status, no change was made, still showing USIS received my applications as of June 29th. I decided to call USIS because my online status shows that I (supposedly) received a response for my second SR dated December 5th. The odd thing was I never received an e-mail so I decided to call in. The representative advised me that the response was via phone call instead of e-mail (odd because my phone shows no missed calls on December 5th). She couldn't tell me what the response was, but offered to make another SR. I, of course, would not want to wait another 30+ days for a response so I asked for a tier 2 representative. She transferred me and I was prompt to request a call back because the wait time was over 170 minutes to speak to someone. I received a call about two hours later, and I was told that my EAD and AP has been APPROVED and it's getting printed as of December 8th!!! Hopefully I can get it within the week or so!!! It's definitely a long process and here are some of my tips to help with yours! This includes personal tips and tips from reading different forums! - Officer actually told me that their applications have tripled this year, so the wait is much longer - Due to the increase of applications, the online status doesn't get updated -Definitely make a case inquiry if your case has been pending for 90+ days (mine took about 30+ days to get a response...my first SR was raised in September) -I've tried to contact my congresswomen via e-mail but I never received a response - But make sure you try e-mailing them! They may be able to help! -To get to a representative, dial the USIS number, then press 2 2 2 - It'll get you straight to a rep! -If they decline to transfer you to a tier 2 officer, hang up and speak with a different rep! -Try expediting your case - either through a job offer or financial difficulties
  9. I've submitted my AOS, EAD and AP together back in June. I've been getting quite anxious to receive my EAD so I can work soon. It's been 104 days since USCIS has received my application and I have already received my Notice of Receipt back in July and did my biometrics in August. I've submitted a case inquiry and was supposed to receive a response by October 10th, yet no response received. My main worry is, can there be a chance that I received an RFE by mail but the mail wasn't delivered? If an RFE was issued, does this show on the online case status? I'm just scared that some reason, the RFE letter never arrived and I've been sitting around not knowing Please help. I've been so worried lately that my application may be delayed...