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  1. Hi, how are you all ? Just want to ask what’s the update on your status about rescheduling aos Interview?? Thank you so much
  2. @capivzla hi congratulations in advance. I have a question, when did you receive your notice for the interview? My status changed that interview has been scheduled 10 days ago & still haven’t gotten the letter. Thank you so much.
  3. @Jemilyn wow congrats to you. Mine still not showing any kind of changes but I do believe it will come soon. Mao when’s your interview? And when did you file your application?
  4. Congrats to you @Jemilyn . Did you get an update on your uscis account? Like they sent a response , was assigned to an officer? Mine showed like those messages today and I’m hoping tomorrow I will be approved.
  5. Congratulations to you, but may I know when’s your received date? So happy you’re done with the waiting time... im still waiting for my ead at least so I’ll be able to work . Luckily, I was able to get my work permit and dmv gave me a year so that’s good. Summer,
  6. Wow that’s nice... I faxed my documents last September 5, and haven’t heard anything though... glad for your ead got approved is less than 10 days
  7. @eckoin wow congratulations to you. How many days til you get approved from the time you faxed your documents? Still waiting for approval though.
  8. @eckoin did you get an approval on your ead? Haven’t received anything from USCIS though even a confirmation that they have received the documents I faxed. Kind of sad, but I’ll just have to wait.
  9. Yes, okay thank you so much... I now have an idea what’s gonna happen. At least we’ll know that they will response that they received the documents. Thank you again
  10. @eckoin it didn’t have any issues while faxing and I did have an Okay confirmation.. so I hope it went through and they received it... I’m just hoping to receive a response for the next few days. How did you get an acknowledgment? Is it through an email or an update on your case?
  11. I just wanted to say that I’m getting some hope from your timeline @eckoin about your request on expediting ead... I faxed my job offer last September 5, so I hope I’ll be hearing soon. #ThinkPositive
  12. My husband and I are July filer too... and they received our AOS application July 21, and never heard anything yet... We will definitely hear our NOA soon... Have a nice week ahead of us!
  13. Hello July filers. My husband and I just mailed our AOS with EAD and AP last Thursday (07/19/18)and we got an update from USPS that they received our mail. So, we will see when’s our NOA..... And hoping for positivity that all of our applications will be approved. Just wanna say hi to all.
  14. Okay, thanks so much. How is your application going?
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