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    paulmherrie got a reaction from MsCompE in Dating Scam Stories   
    He's a transsexual so he still a guy. I've met a few transsexual who are really pretty, some would really have 23 inches waistline. I used to work in a bank in the Philippines and these people always shocked me when they presented their ID's and their name is actually Christopher or Dominador.
    I think tallcoolone is right, meet the person first. There's a lot of people on the net who would really take advantage.
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    paulmherrie reacted to Cody and Daisy in I want a divorce   
    I've already said twice I am not judging her relationship.
    For all I know he's been awful to her which is why she feels like this.
    I'm replying to the comments about wanting to send him away and calling immigration.
    (And now I see this is before she even tells/told him she wants a divorce)
    One cannot do that.
    To call immigration on someone you brought over to marry not matter the circumstances is wrong.
    If my husband did that to me no matter what I did would break me in half.
    You need to tell him you want a divorce, get a divorce lawyer, and withdraw your support.
    Best bet is to call uscis and get information from them on what to do.
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    paulmherrie reacted to Alla in APRIL 2010 FILERS   
    Welcome April filers!!!
    Waiting can be very boring and nervous. So let's keep each other posted and try to stay calm
    I sent AOS package today via priority mail with signature confirmation.
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