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    Traveling, constantly increasing my knowledge through books ,teachings,etc.

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    Odean and I met in June of 2008. Upon meeting him, I really wasn't that interested in him because I was in school and getting some things sorted out in my life.

    The friends that I was with the day I met him thought he would be good for me & made sure that he was given the correct phone number in order to reach me. He immediately started to call and send me cute little texts throughout the day. He convinced me to meet up with him one night after work and from then on we have been basically insperatable.

    Unfortunately, a month later his job term ended and he had to return to Jamaica. Since I love to travel and Jamaica being one of my favorite places (I know people all over the island) we decided to book a flight for me to meet his family, friends, and etc.

    After several trips and phone calls in February 09 he asked me to be his wife, I happily excepted and that is where our visa journey began.

    Our original wedding date was set for November 11,2009 however, his interview prolonged it and we rescheduled for February 14th 2010 I couldn't be more happier with the date and extremely excited that I will be spending my life with my best friend.
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