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  1. My USC naturalized spouse is filing an I-130 that asks for his certificate of naturalization number. When he filed for his first US passport, they never sent back the certificate of naturalization, or perhaps it was lost in the mail. The I-130 asks if he ever had a certificate (he did) and what the number is. We have no copy of the number, unfortunately. What should we do with regard to the I-130? File without the number? File for replacement certificate of naturalization and wait? It would be financially painful to spend the $555 to file the N-565. I'm grateful for any insight anyone can offer
  2. Thanks! This is helpful. Can you or anyone else confirm that filing I-485 and I-130 at same time for parent of USC means paying both filiing fees? Or the I-485 fee includes I-130 fee. I am seeing conflicting information.
  3. I am hoping to get some insight. I have a parent of a USC who is visiting on a tourist visa in the US currently. This was planned as a short visit only but we are now considering whether we may want to apply for a GC for the parent of the USC. I understand the 6 months allowed for a visit would likely run out before the I-130 is approved, even if we applied tomorrow, but is there any point in even entertaining the idea of: staying until end of allowable tourist visit, applying for extension, attempting to complete all steps toward IR-1 while in US? Family circumstances have changed such that it would be best for the parent to not return to home country for long or at all. Thank you for any help you can offer! I used to frequent this site a decade ago and now find I'm in need of help and lost all over again.
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