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  1. In early February, we received notice of an I-130 approval around the same time we received an Initial RFE tied to the I-485 that was asking for the medical exam. We sent the medical exam overnight mail the same day we got the RFE (tracking through USPS showed it arrived at intended destination). This was two months ago. When looking at the status of the I-485, there is no indication that they received the medical exam. It just says that they sent that same February RFE and we have until a specific date in April to reply. What should we do, if anything, at this point? Does it seem like perhaps they lost it? I am not sure who to call to check on it or if just waiting is all that's required of us at this point. Thank you for any insight you might have!
  2. So we filed I-130 and I-485 concurrently in August 2022. We received I-130 approval and then just received request for the medical exam (as a Request for Initial Evidence tied to the I-485 application; we sent that in). Does that clarify? Have we done something wrong? I am wondering how long we should expect next steps to take to see I-485 approval or see an interview scheduled. Yes, parent is in US. Thank you for the help!
  3. I feel like there must be a really obvious place to get this information and I'm just missing it. Could anyone please help me? We are trying to do AOS for a parent of a USC. After 17 months, the I-130 was finally approved, but I-485 is still under review at NVC. What should we expect next? Another long period of waiting? Thank you for any advice.
  4. I have searched the forums for clarification on this, so I apologize if it's been asked and answered plenty already: I have a I-864 for the sponsor, who files taxes MFJ. Alone, the sponsor earns enough, but we got RFE to include spouse's income info. So I'm re-sending the packet and also filling out I-864a with the spouse who files taxes with the spouse on the I-864. Here's my question: in the section on both I-864 and I-864a that requests "Federal Income Tax Return Information", so I split up our incomes (according to each individual's W-2s/1099s/Schedule Cs)? So that way the year-by-year adjusted gross income reporting would add up to the total listed as adjusted gross on the tax filing if we added the answers in I-864 to the answers in I-864a? Or do I report the whole joint adjusted gross income on both the I-864 and I-864a, even though each form is just for one of the spouses on that tax return? Is this making sense? Thanks for your help!
  5. Thank you for this. This is the peace of mind I was hoping for
  6. Thank you. I'm wondering about the in between time when you don't yet have a receipt. I'm not as worried about the nonresident walking around in the US, but moreso about what happens if the NOA is dated after the expiration of the authorized 6-month stay as a tourist. Or does the NOA indicate the date USCIS received the package at the processing center? It was received a week ago but the I-94 is only for two more weeks.
  7. We sent in an AOS package (including I-130) for a parent of a USC who is here on a B-2 visa and had not originally planned to stay. If we don't receive an NOA before the expiration of their authorized 6-month stay, do we have a problem? I am worried that the I-94 indicates they need to leave by mid-September but we might not have any official recognition of our documents being submitted by then. Thanks for any help you can offer!
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