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    Love at first sight in modern terms. My husband was a friend of a friend on Orkut and I went to his site several times to look at pics and be your basic cyber-voyeur. He saw my profile and said hello to me one day. Before I knew what had hit me we we fell in love. I flew to Pakistan in July (on my birthday) and we were married on July 24th in Islamabad in the craziest, most wonderful thing I've ever done. He continues to amaze me on a daily basis with his love, his gentleness with me and his patience with life-lessons that have been thrown our way...least of which is this visa process! Our love grows every day and I count the seconds until we're together again.

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  1. ap waiting games have underway....

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    2. AALI



      Congrats!!! Wishing both you and your Husband the very best. I'm new to this, my Wife had her interview in Islamabad on May 7th. She recieved a light green paper at the end of the interview stating temporarily refused for adminstrative processing. Also states that it can take 2-3 months but no maximin time. They kept her passport and gave her token...did your Husband get the same when he was intervied in Islamabad...please give me some info since I have been cal...

    3. AALI


      Please give me your insight because it was been so emotional for me and my wife :(

      thank you

    4. santa cruz

      santa cruz

      Congrats!!! :))

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