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  1. I'm going to have to go into my storage cause I have no idea where that EAD is.... it's been so long, I do have my temporary PRC handy...
  2. It's for my oath ceremony and yes it changed to notice has been mailed.
  3. Sooooo, I had some issues with my mail delivery these last two weeks. We didn't realized it until late Saturday evening. Since I've already know that mail im not seeing it I decided to call uscis today and followed the suggested ways to be able to get through the customer service people. The tier 2 officer was able to help me. He was really nice and faxed me a copy of the notice. However I am curious about a couple of things so I would like to ask my fellow San Diegans to help me with the questions. The faxed that I received has only a date, time and location. September 20th 2017 at 830 am. It doesn't tell me how many people can I bring and what to bring. I imagine that I need my PRC and the notice. Other than dress appropriately I'm not sure if there is anything else I need to know. Thanks for all the help 😊
  4. When I had my interview I told the officer that I had a trip. She made sure that the ceremony did not happen while I was out. My trip was in august and the next ceremony was the day after I left. Been back for almost 7 days and I've finally had some updates for my case. Will see if I can make this months ceremony or until next month.
  5. I think it's either the 16th or the 23rd of August, from some research I did. I probably won't get mine until September since I'll be out of town.
  6. Hello everyone! I have been so busy from the weekend before my interview until today, I've finally got a day to relax and tell you all about my interview experience. My interview was on Tuesday July 18th at 1.15 pm I arrived at the USCIS building around 1230, parked at the building and proceeded to the security gate. The security guys were really friendly, one of them asked for an ID and the interview notice. Went through the metal detectors and was wished good luck as several others got into the elevator. Got off at the fourth floor and was greeted by a security guy and a lady behind the computer. She checked my interview letter wrote the name of my assigned officer on the top right hand corner and was asked to fill out a sheet and sit down until my name was called. It was probably around 1 when I finally took a seat and watched people being called. Most people I notice left with smiles on their face. It was probably around 120 when my name was called and the officer introduced herself and escorted me to her office. I was very nervous. She swore me in and then she was nice enough to get the civics test over right away. 1. What is freedom of religion? 2. How many senators are there? 3. When was the declaration of independence adopted ? 4. What ocean is on the east coast of the U.S.? 5. Name one state that borders (don't remember if it was Canada or Mexico) 6. Why does the flag have 13 stripes? I got all of them correct and then proceeded to the oral and written exam. She had a sheet and asked me to read number 3 question which was: What are the colors of the flag? and then handed me another sheet and asked me to write on line number 3, The colors of the flag are red, white and blue. We then proceeded to go over my application, and I had extra evidence for a ticket I got once and she looked at it and made some notes. Took a copy of my marriage certificate and that was pretty much it. I had a couple of questions, especially since I'll be traveling out of the country for about 7 days in August ( most likely around the time of that months oath ceremony) so she took some notes and kept a copy of my itinerary. She told me before I left Congratulations! and tell will be scheduling an oath ceremony. Overall my experience was great. I was way to nervous to enjoy the process but now I am one more step closer to becoming a US Citizen! Monday the 24th I got an email and text status update saying that my Oath ceremony will be scheduled. yay!! ps. I did ask about ceremonies on the USS Midway and apparently those are only reserved for military personnel and "Special people" (bummer) Congratulations to everyone who's had a good interview outcome and Good Luck to those who have upcoming interviews.
  7. That's not too bad. Beats looking for street parking. I forgot got to ask if the IO asked for two pictures. I know you brought them with you to the interview.
  8. Congrats on your interview. I'm so nervous. I'm planning to be as prepared as possible, but this last stretch is giving me anxiety. I wanted to ask a couple of questions. How much was parking at the uscis building? Did he ask about same day ceremonies or date request? I know they do a couple naturalization ceremonies a year aboard the Midway Museum and I would love to be able to request if I could have mine there (considering that I pass my interview)
  9. Great tools!!! I use got my interview letter and it would seem that I forgot everything I knew so I got to refresh my mind. Thanks for the practice test
  10. So I've finally had an update on my status. The uscis website says my interview was schedule on June 8th. I'll be patiently sitting on my porch waiting for the mailman to deliver my interview letter.