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  1. No LPR isn’t applicable. In reality my friend wasn’t married to the sons mother. The had a total of 3 children together. I know but it is what it is. When all this shut down Covid-19 is behind us his son will get an ESTA. It’s been 20 yrs since they has really spent time together so who knows how that will work out. My friend did see his sons a few years back when he took a trip to England and that sort of broke the Ice. After speaking to him this evening it sounds like he might put all this in the hands of an attorney. Yard ago he started the process for all 3 of his sons but the mother apparently got sick and they all returned to take care of her. She died about a year later. There applications here were withdrawn. I told my friend to contact the attorney and see if he could get copies of any paperwork submitted. Thanks Again Who knows how it will all play out but I feel his son will at least visit once after restrictions are lifted.
  2. Thanks all we got it. Get in line for 5-7 yrs with the I-130, after that if possible fine an employer willing to sponsor and apply for work visa, get ESTA visa for up to 90 day stays . Thanks all maybe he will get married during his visit. One never knows does one. Thanks again
  3. I can see that. I will inform them both. Who knows what will happen 7 years. Hedge your bets... Thanks all
  4. His son can make as many visits as he like as UK citizens are not very restricted in getting visitors visa. I think the do it online and it takes 1 day during non Covid times. The sons purpose would be to reestablish his relationship with his Father and not to obtain citizenship. His father being 67 years old adding 7 years to that his father may not even be alive. I saw the 7 yr wait with for children over 21. I think they need to seek out other options.
  5. Thanks all. Not trying to be difficult but these are excerpts from USCIS document I referred above. What does the petition do for my relative? Filing a Form I-130 and proving a qualifying relationship gives your relative a place in line with others waiting to immigrate from the same country or region based on the same type of relationship. When your relative reaches the front of the line, he or she may be eligible to immigrate after passing the required background checks and meeting requirements for admission. For example: You file a petition for your unmarried son over 21 years of age. If we approve it, your petition gives him a place in line with people from the same country category who are also unmarried sons or daughters over the age of 21 of U.S. citizens. How do I file? There are two basic ways to legally assist your relatives to immigrate into the United States: 1. If your relatives live ... 2. If your relatives are already in the United States and entered legally, then they may be able to file an I-485 application to adjust their status to lawful permanent resident at the same time as you file the I-130 relative petition. Petitions filed at the same time with permanent residence applications (I-485) must be filed at a location that is different from where you would file an I-130 petition by itself. His son is 37 yrs old contractor and has a business in England. He isn’t desperate to come to the US. He lived with his dad for a short time in Tennessee and went to HS there but decided to go back to England because he wasn’t getting along with his Dad at that time and returned to live with his mother. There relationship has mended itself. I know none of this is relevant. Just putting it out there for clarification and understanding. Based on the above USCIS statement I’m not getting F-1. I’m reading I-130 and I-485. I will go read the F-1 doc for relevance. If his son comes on a visitor visa that’s entering legally to me. His son may not like it here. If he does then it seems this option is available. I doubt his son would be willing to wait 5-7 years. I used this site to help me get my wife over here 10 yrs ago. It made my learning curve and that journey much easier . Thank to all for your comments. I will share the comments with my friend.
  6. I thought F-1 visa were for someone wanting to go to school. Don’t see the connection. I also read that if he entered legally and he can easily do that he could apply for permanent residence visa while here. I thought this requires an I-130 and possibly a I-485. https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/document/guides/A1en.pdf
  7. As an additional question to the above topic if the son gets a permit visa can he legally work in the US under that visa? If not would he be better off applying for a work visa as he would want to work while living with his father so as not to be a financial burden.
  8. I have a friend from England who became a US citizen 20 years ago. He has a son in England that came over to the US as a teenager and attended school here but things didn’t work out so the son returned to England. Years later this son is now interested in coming to the US and getting a permanent visa. The son is 30+ yrs old and single with no children. He can get a tourist visa and visit but wants a permanent one as his dad is 67 yrs old. The question is is it best to apply for permanent cost while in Britain or once he is hear on a visitor’s visa? Thanks for any help
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