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    No story just met a wonderful girl, fell in love and got married. She was inoccent and I was a lucky man to have found her. Doesn't Happens every day for me. Now we are struggling to get through this bureaucratic BS.

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  1. Don’t feel sorry for her. She will be fine regardless of whether she is schooled in the USA or not. So In your learned view visa officers have no discretion in the process. The just check the boxes. What ties to home would a 19 year old show exactly? Mom, Dad, siblings, at 19 what ties did you have? I had few if any. Forget all the other criteria except to show you will go back home afterwards. Tell me what would that be? Rather subjective if you ask me . But you say it’s objective so she should show she has property, businesses, or other assets at 19... I didn’t lash out. All countries are not treated equally but surly you know that. Hardly lashing out. But I grow weary also. Enjoy your sanctuary.
  2. So the fact that your niece and 2 of her friends are here means being a single girl doesn’t have any influence. Rather small pool if you ask me. So if three salmon make it past the damn the damn has no effect on migration. I’m rather tired of all this. Enjoy your day
  3. Have you ever drove down a road and saw someone holding a sign will work for food . That’s looks. Have you ever spent time in jail and someone next to you has tats from head to toe. That’s looks . Susie have you ever been to Hamburger Mary’s in the mission district that’s looks. Of course you would not draw a conclusion from any of these situations. Ever walk through GGP and ... Well you get the idea .
  4. Not looking an argument or exchanging insults. I simply was implying that even if there are laws against discrimination it still occurs. That was in regards to sex, age and marital status. Then I stated appearances would also be a factor. If you don’t agree that fine. You’re the one who leaped to uglier, which never entered my mind. Take care Susieqqq.
  5. This is the difficult part in my view. Overcoming a presumption of intent because a typical young person has little to show other than their family. As material things usually come to most of us later in life. Don’t think for a minute sex, age and marital status are not important. Why else would they ask the question. They would not quote it as the basis for refusing a visa but I would bet it’s a factor. These agents are no different than anybody else and I would bet looks matter also. Thanks for your response.
  6. Great information thanks for sharing. She is attending UP which I believe is accredited. I have ask her to send me her curriculum with her grades if possible. This documentation is only to use during initial discussions. As we are now living in Florida. I will be looking for a school nearby our home. Gainsville is only 1 hr away. Hopefully language will not be an issue because English is spoken and schools are taught in English although they do mistake meaning sometimes. Im hoping it’s not cost prohibitive.
  7. Thanks All , I appreciate your input. Guess I misread the B1 so I will look into the FI. No problem with the $50K as I would be sponsoring her and she isn't looking to live here although things change. I think it would be near impossible for her to get here any other way because of her status, lack of funds, no property etc which you would expect from someone so young. Thanks again for the links and help . Enjoy the summer.
  8. St Lukes in Manila. Only place I know of. Call first as you might need appointment don't forget to ask how much.
  9. My wife is Filipino. She is US Citizen same as me. Her niece which she raised will be graduating with a BS degree from UP Los Banos next year. She has a 3.5 + GPA and is not married or with children. She would like to attend a College here in the US to achieve her Masters Degree. I know the process but because the Philippines is what it is I am concerned that she will not be granted a visa because of her age, sex, and marital status. We are willing to support her while she is attending College. Has anyone had similar experience getting a relative a B1 from the philippines. Can anyone give us any advise which might help her attend school here. Thanks