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  1. I would do the Dam Hoi before submitting anything. But we didn't go overboard with the Dam Hoi, kept it simple despite pressure from the Vietnamese people in our family to make it huge.
  2. I would add the words Ward and District. Then make it the same so it is consistent on all other paperwork submitted from now until citizenship.
  3. Wife has a Vietnamese passport and then became a US resident and then a US citizen with a US passport. Is the Vietnamese passport still good? Can it be renewed? Can you have both valid US and Vietnamese passports, or does getting a US passport void the Vietnam passport? If the Vietnam passport is still good, does she need a visa to visit Vietnam?
  4. With all the media reports and/or lawsuits, not sure what is affected or taken into account now and for which visas: For example, are social media and email accounts added into the application? Do you have to show any financials to show that you will not be a public charge (do those changes even affects B1/B2 visas)?
  5. If sponsor parents to live in USA, is affidavit support from sponsor necessary? Or can the parents qualify themselves financially by showing a specific amount of funds?
  6. My wife will get bumped from Obamacare to Medicaid due to being pregnant. Will that affect the ability to sponsor her parents?
  7. Any changes on bringing dried shrimp and dried beef?
  8. You can assist your mother in law in filling out the B1B2 visa application online, but she should fill it out herself and must electronically sign it herself in Vietnam. That shouldn't be hard with Facetime, FB Messenger or whatever. After filling the application, you go to the HCM embassy/consulate website and fill out the visa application online. Then you pay the fee at the post office. After that you schedule the visa interview. On subsequent tourist trips to USA, its easier bc she could do mail-in visa application if she qualifies. Does not need lots of money or property in Vietnam. (honestly i think it's the dich vu people trying to size up people to charge them accordingly). But she does need reason for visiting USA and a reason for going back (like a spouse or children to return to in Vietnam). Some people think it's better for her to have at least one plane trip outside Vietnam to a place like Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong first before visiting the USA. I would agree because it puts her "on the grid", instead of just showing up from the mountains or the jungle.
  9. vietazn

    Delta Skymiles

    Can my family member who is a Vietnam citizen and lives in Vietnam have a Skymiles account for when traveling to US? Or is it just an American thing?
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