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  1. Got MNL case number from NVC via a phone call today. Will not wait for NVC letter or USEM letter, I'll have my medical exam asap using my MNL case number and NOA2 scanned copy :-) Need to start early! I'm expecting a 2-month sputum culture, that's why. Based on VJ posts, this technique has been done successfully. Hope I will, too!

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    2. Karonya and Adel

      Karonya and Adel

      this may be a stupid question, but what is an MNL number

    3. Kikay K

      Kikay K

      Congrats, Dan and Drury! I assume you haven't returned to Seattle yet and haven't seen your NOA2, but now you know you're approved. Woohoo! That's great news!!! I'm glad to be of help.

      @Karonya: It's basically our NVC case number. I believe the letters depend on which consulate you're under. Applicants from Manila, Philippines have their NVC case number starting with "MNL" (Manila).

    4. Dan and Drury

      Dan and Drury

      Hi again.

      No, we're still in Detroit, but will be home on Sunday, so will see the physical NOA2 then I hope. But, the NVC gave me a new tracking number and told me that our case left for Vancouver yesterday, so that should suffice as an approval!

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