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  1. Ok great. Thank you so much for the confirmation.
  2. So you are saying we should not send copies of his green card or send 2 copies of his photos along?
  3. Can anyone help me with any of the other questions? Do I need to send any other money for my son's biometric costs or app fees? Do I just include his photos and green card info along with the application? Is it ok to write UNKNOWN in the Date of Birth field for the previous wife birth date?
  4. I don't have a copy of the Marriage Certificate to the previous wife. I only have a copy of the Marriage certificate to the new wife.
  5. Ok, my wife and I have been married for 7 years. So she has been a Perm Resident since Dec 2009. We have moved a couple of times, but we have a home and all is great. We now want to go for citizenship. So I understand that we must fill in the N-400 application. So we also have a child (he is 11, he is my step son). So she needs to fill out section 11, and put his information there on the form. However, I am not sure how much money we are supposed to send. How much do we send for her, her bio fee, his bio fee, is there an application fee for him also? I also see that we are to make 2 color photos, but it doesn't say the size. I am thinking passport size photos, so we can have those done at Walgreens or CVS and make 2 copies of everything that we send in and keep the copies for ourselves. Are there any other forms besides the N-400 to fill out? I was also married before. I see on the application in Section 10, it wants to know what was the date of birth of my previous spouse. I don't remember what that was and I am not on speaking terms with her. Can I just right unknown in that box? Thank you for helping with the questions.